Greg Murray named Lumpkin County System Teacher of the Year


Dahlonega, GA

Lumpkin County Middle School teacher, Greg Murray, was named System Teacher of the Year during the Board of Education meeting on Monday, October 8.

Murray teaches 8th grade Social Studies at LCMS and is the current department chair. According to LCMS principle, Matt Remillard, “When you look to see what a model teacher would be like, it’s an example of Mr. Murray.” Remillard went on to explain that Murray excels at creating lessons that “actively engage students,” and he is constantly researching new and creative ways to keep students engaged in learning, “In my opinion, if the kids are engaged, they’re learning.”

Greg Murray named Lumpkin County System Teacher of the Year

After being named LCMS Teacher of the Year, Lumpkin County School System’s Selection Committee selected Murray as the System Teacher of the Year for 2020. The teachers who were selected for individual Teachers of the Year include: Cynthia Williamson for LCHS, Paige Gooch for LBES, Greg Murray for LCMS, Amanda Barton for LCES, and April Bowen for BES.

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Preview of upcoming City Council meeting

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The Lumpkin County officials will discuss Ordinance 2018‐16 during September’s City Council meeting.

The ordinance will be to amend Ordinance 77‐1, Chapter 32: Traffic, Article II: Stopping, Standing and Parking, Division 1: Generally, Section 32‐29: Violations. The amendment could result in a change to the Parking Violation Fee Schedule.

Preview of the work session agenda

Other discussion topics scheduled for Thursday’s meeting include: community development, Key Club Little Free Library, the Community Helping Place, Historic Preservation Commission, and tourism promotion services.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, September 20 at 4pm.




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Lumpkin County BOE highlights student success plan and faculty of the month at Monday’s meeting

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Dahlonega, GA

Lumpkin County teachers and employees of the month for September 2018 were recognized during the Board of Education meeting that was held on Monday, September 10.

September 2018 Teachers of the Month from left to right: Erin Endicott, Beth Holland, Nichole Stancil, Shalece Mull, and Susan Corvacchioli.

The teachers of the month include: Susan Corvacchioli (BES), Nichole Stancil (LCES), Shalece Mull (LBES), Beth Holland (LCMS), and Erin Endicott (LCHS). They were presented with a wooden plaque, made by Lumpkin County High School students

Employees of the month include: Freddy Lingerfelt (LCES), Bea Flatt (LBES), Delton Davis (BES), Tammy Martin (LCES), Brenda Orkins (BES), Sherry Scott (LBES), La

September 2018 Employees of the Month

rissa Birk (LCES), Michelle Scott (LMCS), and Kim Gooch (LCHS).

Long Branch and Lumpkin County Elementary Schools were also highlighted during Monday’s meeting, for student success. LCES Principle, Stacie Gerrells, presented new activities and incentives target towards student success, specifically in reading, that are new to Lumpkin Elementary this year. Some of the programs mentioned is Caring Paws, where select students are allowed to read with a therapy dog from Trained Paws Therapy Dogs, and also “Starbooks”, which is a spinoff from Starbucks. Starbooks is a reading incentive where students can earn ‘Starbooks Cash’ that can be spent on hot cocoa and other rewards.

Long Branch Elementary School Principles, Jan Mullinax and Nathan Gerrells, explained they also offer a reading-with-the-dogs program, but their students are most excited over their newest positive-behavior inspiration, a “House Point System.” This gives students an opportunity to earn house points for good behavior. The ‘House’ with the most points at the end of the month will celebrate with a small party, and the house with he most points at the end of the year will be rewarded with a larger celebration. There are four houses that represent different character traits and they are identified by a color and animal that is specific to that trait.

The houses are: Animo, House of Courage, (green), Reverenta, House of Respect, (red), Concordia, House of Harmony (blue), and Unum, House of Unity (yellow). You can learn more about the House System here.

LBES Assistant Principle, Nathan Gerrells, and teacher, Angela Denny, represent the Animo House
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Lumpkin County BOE approves application for new JROTC/Science facility funds

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The Lumpkin County Board of Education approved the Capital Outlay Project Application submitted to the board during the Regular Session on Monday, September 10.

According to the Lumpkin County  School System website, Superintendent, Dr. Robert Brown, submitted a recommendation, which states, “making [an] application for funds to construct a JROTC/Science facility with the Georgia Department of Education for State Capital Outlay funds as earned for Lumpkin County in the amount of $595,183”

The board also decided to make the Science wing of the new facility two-stories instead of one, with two new Science classrooms. The board also found a way to save building costs by designing access to the second level either via the stairs or elevator that was included in the previous blueprints, instead of installing a second elevator.

More details from the Capital Outlay Project Application can be found here.


Lumpkin officials hold special called meeting to discuss road improvements and maintenance

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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga. — City and county officials met on Tuesday to discuss a potential single-county transportation special purpose local option sales tax (TSPLOST) to fund local road improvements and maintenance.

Association of County Commissioners Georgia representative, Kathleen Bowen, presented data regarding the TSPLOST to members of the City Council, Board of Commissioners, and other government officials.

Before the tax can be collected, however, it would have to be approved by voters in a March 19 referendum. If voters approve, a one percent sales tax could be collected for up to five years beginning in June 2019.

Officials decided to hold a public involvement meeting Sept. 25, at 5:30 p.m. to allow citizens to ask questions and offer ideas on which roads need to be repaired. The intersection at the end Oak Grove was discussed as one potential repair project.

Dahlonega Mayor, Sam Norton, explained that this would also give tourists and students at the University of North Georgia-Dahlonega the chance to “give back” to the county, because they contribute to increased sales in Lumpkin County, providing more funds available for road improvements. Norton also expressed the importance of listening to the citizens on which road projects should be added to the list.

The estimated timeline for TSPLOST referendum is as follows:

  • August-September: County and City develops project lists with public input.
  • Early September: Send letter to City of Dahlonega regarding official meeting in late September.
  • Late September: Official meeting to discuss project list.
  • October 2, and October 16: County and City vote on their list of projects.
  • November 6, and November 20: Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) approved by the Board of Commissioners.
  • December 4, and December 18: Resolution approved by the Board of Commissioners.
  • February 6, 20198: Call to paper
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Lumpkin County Board of Education holds called meeting

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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.– The Lumpkin County Board of Education held a called meeting on Friday August 24. According to Superintendent Dr. Rob Brown, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the press release that was posted earlier this week on the Lumpkin County School System Facebook page. He also stated during opening comments that, “We’re here tonight to ensure our community understands that our elected school board members do desire their feedback and are available to them.”

Brown opened the floor to anyone who had concerns regarding school system finances. Dahlonega resident, Seth Alhadeff, addressed his concerns with the board, “The first talking point I’d like to mention is the elephant in the room; the senior tax exemption.” Alhadeff suggested that the board should allow the community to share their opinions on the tax exemption, in order to find a solution, “If you guys [LCBOE] would team up with the county and possibly host a public opinion focus group, to get everyone’s opinion on the senior tax exemption…maybe opinions have changed in the past 10 years.”

He also stated the he felt like the focus of the board has primarily been on extra-curricular activities, rather than academics, “It seems like over the past couple of years, since Dr. Brown has been the Superintendent, there’s been a focus and emphasis, and a considerable amount of funding towards extra curricular activities; specifically the brand new tennis courts, wrestling, and weight room, and of course now the ROTC center.”

Alhadeff added that he was a fan of sports and understood their significance, but was still concerned, “I know the gifted program has shifted, and I understand the changes that were made…with two young children in the school, I feel like it’s a disservice that the gifted program has now changed, for whatever reason.” Brown asserted that, “The senior tax exemption is a challenging proposition for everyone who pays taxes in Lumpkin County…that is not, in my opinion, for the school system to host a forum and to fight that battle. It’s the community. We have zero control over that”

The other points presented to the board included the elementary school that no longer has a teacher to lead the Science Club since the former teacher moved to Lumpkin County Middle School, and also the possible discontinuation of the Odyssey of the Mind program

Brown addressed Alhadeff‘s concern relative to an increased focus on extracurricular activities by stating, “I’ll make no apologies, because that is what was addressed in our SPLOST.” Brown also mentioned that the previous ESPLOST included academic improvements such as, technology, technological devices, and increased internet speeds.

In regards to JROTC/Science building, Brown explained that the project has not been approved as of yet, “We are in the planning stages. The Nugget inappropriately posted that it had been an approved project. We are still in the very preliminary stages of that facility, and we discussed last week what it was going to look like.” He further explained that the project will create new science classrooms and laboratories for the students to use. The space used for JROTC, Brown stated, would be determined based on what the state says they need, and also by what the program needs.

Concern over the absence of the board during their most recent public hearing in regards to the millage rate vote was not discussed.




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Gainesville Company Pays Tax Reform Benefits Forward

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Gainesville Company Pays Tax Reform Benefits Forward

GAINESVILLE, Ga.—As President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address today, a northeast Georgia company is announcing its plan to deliver bonuses to its employees as a direct result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Mincey Marble was established in 1977 in Gainesville as a manufacturer of cast marble products for hospitality, healthcare and other markets around the country. Donna Mincey, President and CEO of Mincey Marble, says that the tax reform package signed into law last December will directly benefit her company’s bottom line, which allows her to further invest in Mincey’s more than 300 employees, many of whom are hourly workers.

“As the owner of a family business, I want to share how tax reform is benefitting Americans at every level. Companies big and small are passing along tax savings to the workers who help build our economy. I hope that the bonuses Mincey Marble is providing encourage other businesses in our great state to pay it forward, because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the kind of meaningful change that can help transform communities by bringing relief to American workers and families,” said Mincey.

“Mincey Marble has been part of our community for decades, and their decision to pass along the company’s tax benefits to our hardworking neighbors is outstanding. I supported the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with President Trump knowing it would lead to lower taxes and higher paychecks for northeast Georgians. We’re already seeing the economic benefits of tax reform happening at corporate and grass-roots levels, and I’m always thrilled to hear individual stories of how smaller government helps people—like the team members at Mincey Marble—invest in bigger dreams,” said Collins.

Employees at Mincey Marble will receive bonuses of up to $1,000 depending on their length of service with the company. Even employees hired this year will see a bonus, and the checks are scheduled to arrive during the week of Valentine’s Day as a sign of the company’s appreciation for its associates.

Due in large part to their confidence in the Trump Administration’s pro-business agenda, Mincey Marble’s management team also made the decision in January 2017 to expand the size and operations of a new facility that is currently under construction in Gainesville.

Other Georgia companies that have increased employee benefits in the days since President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law include Aflac, Home Depot and Yancey Bros. Caterpillar Dealer.

Senator David Perdue Talks Tax & Immigration On Kudlow Radio Show

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Senator David Perdue Talks Tax & Immigration On Kudlow Radio Show

“President Trump has been instinctively in line with the American people on immigration all along”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) joined Larry Kudlow on The Larry Kudlow Show to discuss how President Trump’s agenda has been instinctively in line with the American people, particularly on tax and immigration.


Starting Point: “A year ago, Tom Cotton and I started the conversation about fixing our legal immigration system, when we introduced the RAISE Act. This would move us to a merit-based immigration system, similar to that of Canada and Australia.”


Brilliant Move: “President Trump issued a brilliant framework for an immigration middle ground. I think he has been instinctively in line with the American people on immigration all along. Two-thirds of America want a DACA solution, but only if you provide for border security with a wall, end chain migration, and end the visa lottery.”


Real Opportunity: “When will conservatives ever have this kind of opportunity to solve the causes of the immigration problems we have now, including ending chain migration? Also, if Democrats are serious about solving DACA, how can they be against this reasonable solution the President laid out?”


Americans Agree: “Chuck Schumer offered up $25 billion for a wall. That tells me that Democrats are now admitting Americans want border security. They are seeing these polls showing that up to 80% of Americans want a wall. They know we need border security. President Trump isn’t going to give in on that point.”


Providing Certainty: “The President has done the right thing and put this back in the lap of Congress, which is where it should have been. President Obama just kicked the can down the road by providing temporary status. President Trump has said he’ll offer certainty for the DACA recipients.”


Solving Underlying Problem: “We want to ensure we aren’t back here in five years with the same problem. To do that we have to secure the border with a wall, end chain migration, and eliminate the outdated visa lottery.”


Economy Responding: “The more people and American companies we see responding positively to the tax bill, the more this is a generational change that will be simulative for our economy.”


Tremendous Impact: “We’ve had eight years of the federal government with its boot on the neck of small businesses with overregulation and policies that were anti-business. When you take that off, that has a tremendous impact.”


Assuring Our Allies: “Around the world they see an America reengaging after 8 years of disengagement. In Davos, President Trump said, ‘America first doesn’t mean America alone.’ I think that is sending a strong message to our allies and others around the world.”



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