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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- School Nutrition Director Julie Knight-Brown gave the Board of Education an update on school nutrition at the work session on Apr. 13.

Chief Operations Officers Greg Trammell gave the board the most recent updates on Lumpkin County Elementary School. Trammell in addition gave the board the timelines for phase two of the high school renovations project set for this summer.

Knight-Brown started her nutrition update with a highlight of the past few years dating back to 2019. The system is on track to return to students paying for breakfast and lunch in the next school year. This means that families will again be required to fill out the free and reduced meal forms.

Due to the forms being used for funding opportunities such as Title 1 for elementary and middle schools it is necessary for all families to fill out the paperwork. Knight-Brown is currently waiting on a prototype to come down before sending it home through the use of the Infinite Campus system.

The meal prices for next school year.

Meal prices will not increase when they are reinstated. The requirements that were in place for the type of food served will be going back in place. These were loosened during the pandemic, one of those is the grain requirement of 80% of the grains served most be 51% or more whole grain.

However, the school system is having the same issues as the local stores with the supply chain and getting in the food. The vendor they are currently using has said that they will not be renewing their contract so Knight-Brown is putting out a bid on Apr. 25 for new vendors. For more information on school nutrition, visit

“I don’t think I’ll have trouble with it because I’m a dietician I can navigate the dietary requirements,” stated Knight-Brown.

The update on Lumpkin Elementary School for the site work the grading is 92% complete, the curb and cutter are 80%, and the base and binder are 65% complete. The concrete for the foundations is at 90%, and for the slab on grade is 70%. The foundation block is complete.

The information about the groundbreaking ceremony.

The steel is being laid down in three sections A is 95% complete, B is 80%, and C is 60%. The asphalt will not be complete until all other work is completed. Carroll Daniel Construction will host a groundbreaking ceremony with the board of education on Monday, Apr. 18 at 4:30 p.m.

Trammell on top of that update gave one for the High school renovation project for this summer. During spring break they were able to replace the hot water heaters and pain most of the hallways and restrooms. The rest of the work is set to begin on May 27. Dr. Brown offered school clubs an opportunity to help move out any furniture for funds that would go to the construction company to go back into that club or organization.

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