• The Problem With Journalists

    Is Fake News really fake if the writer(s) in their heart of hearts, believe it to be the truth? We can immediately eliminate the stuff produced by the Trump derangement syndrome crowd because the rapid production of it is surly unreliable, suspect at best and unbelievable at worst. Real fake news is found embedded in […]

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  • Is The Swamp Being Drained?

    Is The Swamp Being Drained? It must be difficult to remain a loyal Democrat when that once great American party is disintegrating because they no longer embrace the pro American message that made America exceptional, instead of promoting a foreign socialist message that aims to make America common. American’s may be individually common, but they are not Socialists […]

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  • House Republicans Hit Record Productivity in Work with Trump Administration

    House Republicans Hit Record Productivity in Work with Trump Administration “This year in Washington has been remarkably productive. We have an active president who is eager to work with lawmakers, and the House remains motivated to enact the conservative reforms the American people elected us to champion.” WASHINGTON—House Republicans, including Vice Chair of the House […]

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  • Baseball Players Continue Success on the Field in Summer Leagues

    DAHLONEGA – Fresh off a run to the NCAA Division II Baseball Championship, many University of North Georgia baseball players continued their seasons in summer leagues throughout the southeast. Today, we take a look throughout the summer leagues and the professionals to check in on how the summer has been going for these players. North Georgia […]

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  • A Lost Generation

    I am beginning to reevaluate my views on the right to vote or rather, why some people should even be allowed to vote at all. Once, it was only property owners and merchants who could vote. Women were, at the time, excluded. but no more. No problem there. Limiting voting rights to special interests could be defined as […]

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  • What’s Coming, Ballots or Bullets?

    What’s Coming, Ballots or Bullets? Wasn’t it Barak Obama who said ”if they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun!” That was an open invitation for any leftist marginal-nut cases, anarchists and safe space snowflakes, to swarm out onto our streets and violently protest the results of a fair national election simply because their socialist […]

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  • Practical Faith

    Today, I want to talk to you about your faith, but I don’t want to do just another faith teaching that won’t  work for you any better than the last one you heard. I want to help you to power up the faith you have. Faith works by love, so then, love will be your […]

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  • Women’s Soccer Announces 2017 Schedule

    DAHLONEGA – University of North Georgia head women’s soccer coach Chris Adams has announced the 2017 schedule of matches as his squad looks to build upon the program’s first-ever Sweet 16 appearance last season. The schedule is headlined by seven home matches, five of which are Peach Belt Conference contests. Last year, the women’s soccer team finished 15-3-3, […]

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