• Is Paris Burning?

    At the recent G-20 conference in Brazil, the European Union nations kept trying to get our President Trump to reverse his course of taking America out of the Paris climate accords and sign back on like a good fellow, and do the right thing, help save the planet. Trump didn’t and he won’t and in […]

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  • Kasich’s Attacks Continue

    A perennial GOP wanna-be presidential hopeful, John Kasich tells us: “Every day there is chaos coming out of Washington and the Trump White House. It’s diminishing our American values, threatening our international alliances and resulting in few policy accomplishments for the American people. Enough is enough. It’s time for us all – as Americans to […]

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    Today’s news is full of the problem that is at the Southern border of the United States. A large group of several thousand would be migrants have walked across El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras through Mexico to reach the United States. They claim to be seeking asylum from their home countries. There are people from […]

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  • A Christmas Message

    Thanksgiving 2018 has come and gone and about all we really know about it comes from commercial sources. Through the constant drumming of the media we are basically told all we need to know about Thanksgiving, when to start, when to stop and, by the way, ‘don’t forget those great deals on Black Friday’ because, […]

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  • Mueller Controversies

    The Democrats will soon be back in control of the House and they will continue to perpetrate the biggest fraud scam ever employed by the Democratic party, short of exculpating Hillary Clinton’s many high crimes and misdemeanors as yet to be adjudicated. America will never heal so long as the Clintons and their coterie of […]

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  • Draining the Swamp

    It’s sad to know that my lost faith in the GOP congress to make America great again was not misplaced. Once again, having been knocked back into their familiar role as the losing boot lickers they have become, content to sup on what the Democrats feed them, the remaining House Republicans, as expected, have elevated […]

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    In a wartime situation, a general might create a diversion on one side of the battlefield in order to perform a flanking movement on the enemy and take advantage of the element of surprise. In Desert Storm, General Norman Schwarzkopf employed a series of deceptions in his battle plans. He used many tactics to fool […]

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  • America Reeling

    America is reeling under the continued onslaught and seemingly endless attacks on our culture, our traditions, our elections and our laws by the Marxists Democrat party. How is it one wonders, that each election where Democrat candidates fail to win, is deemed to be the fault of some Republican official or laid at the feet […]

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