BREAKING: Car theft and auto break-ins reported in Lumpkin County



This is an ongoing story; check back with Fetch Your News for updates.

The Lumpkin County Sheriff Office confirmed with Fetch Your News that a car has been reported stolen in the Pink Williams Road area in Lumpkin County, and entering auto reports have been received in the Frank Christian Road and Ben Higgins areas.

After the vehicle was stolen, the suspect proceeded to enter additional automobiles with the intent to steal. Lumpkin County investigator, Jason Canupp, does not have a suspect yet, but he asks for anyone who may have information, or who may have seen anything suspicious the night of November 6, to please contact him at the Lumpkin County Sheriff Office.
Canupp also reminds citizens to always remove any valuables from car if possible, don’t leave anything valuable in plain sight, and to lock their doors every night. attracts more than 300,000 page views and 3.5 million impressions per month for ad server. FYNTV attracts approximately 15,000 viewers per week and has between 15,000 to 60,000 per week Facebook page reach. For the most effective, least expensive local advertising, call 706-276-6397 or visit

BREAKING: Lumpkin County local in custody for sexual misconduct



The Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office received a report of alleged sexual misconduct between an adult female and a juvenile male on September 18.

After an investigation was conducted and multiple interviews took place, Lumpkin County resident,Erica Christine McDaniel (32), was arrested.The identity of the male victim will remain undisclosed, since he is a juvenile who is 16 years of age.

During the investigation, it was determined that there were multiple incidents of sexual misconduct that occurred throughout a 1-year time frame; the victim was 15 when the alleged events began.

McDaniel, has been charged with two counts of Child Molestation (felony) and two counts of Statutory Rape (Felony).

This is an ongoing investigation. Please check back for updates. attracts more than 300,000 page views and 3.5 million impressions per month for ad server. FYNTV attracts approximately 15,000 viewers per week and has between 15,000 to 60,000 per week Facebook page reach. For the most effective, least expensive local advertising, call 706-276-6397 or visit

Editorial: Are we still remembering 9/11?


Seventeen years ago, I’m certain you were inundated with people saying “Never forget” and newscasts saying “We will always remember.”

Indeed, the entire nation, and even the world, poured out its heart for America and the major wound we were struck with. It is the kind of thing that people everywhere will remember. The kind of thing that I will tell my children about. It is indeed something one cannot easily forget.

Even the numbers dredge up memories of all kinds. And honestly, not all of them are bad. I have fond memories of that day. Shock, gasp. I know you may have anger at hearing that but think of yourself on that day. Did you have people with you? Were you amongst friends? Do you remember people all over the world start saying ‘we.’

Today, we find anything we can to show how different we are from one another. We are a divided country. I don’t want to take a side and tell you that you are wrong, whatever you think. It is honestly probably why we have issues. We can’t disagree without getting angry.

But think back to that day…

I sat among fellow students in a freshman orientation class in high school. It is scarred into the wall of my brain that our desks were placed in a circle and I had only one or two of my “friends” in the class. There was even a guy in that class that I really did not like. We did not get along and we did not like each other at all. My how quickly and easily that melted away in the glow of a tv screen as I, first hand, watched a second plane fly into the building.

I feel its impact even today, and I was nowhere near New York. I couldn’t feel it at the time, but today I can remember my body shook when it hit, as if it hit me just as hard as it hit the building.

I remember hearing the report about another one hitting the Pentagon. I remember not doing anything in any class except one, Algebra. I remember the rage that permeated every person in that school that day. Not just anger, a burning rage threatening to engulf your soul. A rage that broke chains and welled up from somewhere incredibly dark near the bottom of my stomach. It was more powerful because it sensed itself in every other person.

Seventeen years, do you remember?

Do you remember the songs written and speeches made? Do you remember being an American? Forget the conspiracies about it, forget the doubt about what really happened. Do you remember that specific moment of impact?

It’s not a special anniversary, it’s not the ten or twenty year anniversary. This long since something and we as people tend to only really recall things on nice, round-numbered years.

Are we remembering? Have we forgotten even though we said we wouldn’t?

I don’t think so. I think seventeen years later, people still hurt. I know the people you don’t speak to on this day and the people who need you to speak on this day.

I know the guy who plans a trip every September. I know he doesn’t actually go anywhere except into the woods to be alone. We don’t talk about his trips, I just understand his Dad was in New York that day on business. Isolated near a stream maybe, maybe he’s up a tree. I don’t know where he is, but inside I hear him screaming at the top of his lungs in his isolation.

I know the woman who holds her son up like a banner for his service because she never had the chance to see him grow into anything else after he died fighting for us.

I see counties and cities holding memorials on this day, but I see something else. I see the separation. I see the people forgetting something along the way.

I can’t forget that pain. I can’t forget that day. I can’t forget that tv. I can’t forget the faces. I didn’t lose anyone close to me. I had friends who served, but I didn’t lose anyone so close as a brother, sister, father, mother, cousin. I have been so lucky, so why is this day forever seared into my soul?

Maybe I’m being emotional? Maybe I’m thinking too much? Will you judge me for that? Will you think less if I can’t let go? Or would it be worse if I didn’t care?

What if I didn’t write this and you never read it? You’d go about your day and maybe you would think about what today is or maybe it’d slip by as you try to finish that project just get through a tough day. What if we let this day fade into history as a footnote and we never look back to think about the feelings of that day, the pain, the rage, the hurt, the solace, the people?

What if we forgot?


UPDATE: Suspects in Lumpkin County home invasion currently being held without bond

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Four suspects in a Lumpkin County home invasion on August 17 are currently being held at the Lumpkin County Jail without bond.

Preston Andrew Anderson (18), Quintin Chase McConnell (18), Blake Mitchell McKinzie (17), and Gavyne Anthony Sowell (17) were arrested on August 17 for a home invasion that took place in Lumpkin County.

Suspects in Lumpkin County home invasion held without bond

According to Lumpkin County deputy, Kyle Rosso, he responded to reports of a prowler off Margaret Drive, where upon arrival, he reported seeing an orange Chevrolet Cobalt. When he approached the vehicle, he states, “I observed a male subject frantically exit the vehicle and run into the woods.” The owner of vehicle was later identified as James McConnell. When questioned about the whereabouts of his Chevrolet, Mr. McConnell told Rosso that, “his son and a few of his friends had taken it from the home earlier that night.”

Russo also states seeing a, “dark in color four door passenger car drive down Old Ellijay East. The vehicle stopped in the road and began to turn around at the intersection of Old Ellijay East and Margaret Drive.” During the rush to turn the vehicle around, Russo reports that it “struck the bank as it was in reverse backing up.”

  The occupants of the vehicle, Steven Lewis and Eric Odum, reported to Russo that unknown, masked individuals had entered the front door of his residence, and they had were brandishing firearms. Lewis reported that he had “ran from his home and banged on the neighbors house” for help. The homeowner did not answer the door, but they did call 911, according to the police report.

Russo, along with Investigators Jason Canupp, Aaron Norrell, and Lumpkin County Deputy Sutton found McKinzie and McConnell hiding in a creek bed near the crime scene. Sowell was taken into custody and transported to Lumpkin County Detention Center later that night, after police responded to a 911 call where a citizen had reported an unknown person, dressed in all black walking down Highway 9 south near Siloam Church Road. Sowell admitted to participating in the home invasion earlier that evening.

Anderson was taken into custody the next day by the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office.

Items reported missing were a watch and speaker; a mask that possibly belonged to one of the suspects was retrieved from Lewis’ home.


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Gilmer Responds to Tour Bus Collision


Shortly after the incident involving a wreck of a Tour Bus and a Semi-Truck on Highway 515 in Gilmer County, Tony Pritchett, Director of Public Safety for Gilmer County, held a conference to answer questions.

dsc08331Director Pritchett stated a call came in to Gilmer County 911 at 11:02 for response to the accident.

When FYN arrived on the scene, several helicopters were still circling the area including both news choppers and Life-Flight services. The accident is suspected at this time by authorities to have occurred while a tour bus was traveling north on Highway 515 collided with a Semi-Truck who was crossing into or across the highway from Whitestone Road.

Minutes after the call came in, emergency response was on the scene to provide care and Gilmer County also responded with its Mass Casualties Trailer to aid in on-scene triage. Pritchett confirmed one fatality in the wreck belonging to the driver of the Tour bus. While four people remained uninjured, another 43 have sustained injuries requiring one to be Life-Flighted and others transported via ambulance to local hospitals including Fannin Regional Hospital, Northside Cherokee Hospital, and Piedmont Mountainside Hospital according to Pritchett.

dsc08324FYN has been informed that the tour bus was carrying a majority of elderly passengers and had sustained extensive damage collapsing the front end. However, the quick response units were able to arrive and get on the bus quickly to begin caring for those on board.

More aid was quickly brought to the scene as well due to several mutual aid agreements in place with surrounding areas. In fact, authorities from  Gilmer Fire and Rescue and EMS as well as Gilmer County Sheriff’s Department, Georgia State Patrol, Fannin County EMS Resources, Pickens County EMS Resources, Dawson County EMS Resources, and Murray County EMS Resources were all confirmed to be on-scene aiding with the incident. Pritchett went on to say he was “very thankful for the response of those surrounding jurisdictions, they were very helpful.”

While the limited sight distance at the location was referenced as a possible factor with the incident, no official statement was given with regards to cause or circumstance involved in the incident as the investigation is ongoing. Director Pritchett did confirm with FYN that he could recall at least one other incident involving a fatality occurring at the same location earlier this year. Witnesses have also been confirmed on scene and are speaking with officials at this time.

Currently, 515 will remain shutdown as a continuing investigation will be undertaken by the Georgia State Patrol and authorities are redirecting traffic around the accident. One traffic officer FYN talked with suggested those heading North on 515 to detour down Highway 136 to Old 5 to bypass it.

For more information on the accident and the Press Conference watch the video below and stay connected with Fetch Your News as more information becomes available.


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