If Jon Ossoff Loses the Election, You Can’t Say the Media Didn’t Try to Help


A runoff seems to be certain in the GA 6th Congressionaldistrict special election to replace HHS Secretary Tom Price, taking place today. Democrat Jon Ossoff looks msnbcto be guaranteed one of the runoff spots; the second spot will be left open to Republican Dan Moody, Karen Handel, or Bob Gray. If you are tired of all of the commercials and think they will end tonight… Think again. There will be just as many commercials but now it will be narrowed down to just two candidates. So get ready ready for another two months of political campaign ads, because election day is June 20th.


If Ossoff wins at least 40 % of the vote tonight there is a good chance that he will be able to win the election in June to become the new Congressman of the GA 6th. A runoff election is generally won by the opponent that can get their voters back to the polls. Just like most sports; the team that has the momentum wins. It is going to be questionable as to whether the Republicans can coalesce and change the momentum of the game.Jason McCarter- 6th district Republican that voted for Jon Ossoff


If Democrats just take the voter role from tonight, with the amount of money they have coming in nation wide; they will be able to do anything necessary to get the voters back to the polls on June 20th. If the top Republican is only in the area of 20% of the vote tonight they have the challenge of getting that 20% back to the polls in addition to the margin needed to win from the Republicans they ran against. If Karen Handel is the front runner can you really see Bob Gray, Judson Hill, Dan Moody and the rest of the Republicans out begging their voters to return to the polls. BKP sees them half heartedly endorsing her, but not aggressively working for her campaign.


Ossoff has many media outlets to thank for their media coveratrump pollsge, not to mention this morning’s MSNBC’s 15 minute Ossoff infomercial. Morning Joe and Mika Brzezinski spent about 15 minutes talking about President Donald Trump’s poor polling numbers. BKP strongly believes the poor polling report was to lead the voters of the 6th district to believe the country is turning on President Donald Trump. They continued by telling their audience that in less than 100 days of his presidency the American people have tuned him out. That gave Mika a perfect segway into, “Up next: A special election that could spell trouble for the GOP.”


MSNBC’s Political Correspondent, Casey Hunt, proceeded with what we consider a Jon Ossoff infomercial. Hunt dedicated only about 15 seconds of her report to Republicans Bob Gray and Karen Handel. Hunt was even able to find, in her non-biased reporting, a Republican in the district that voted for Jon Ossoff. Republicans go into every election already behind one strike knowing the media is against them.


In today’s segment BKP reminds people of the late Andrew Breitbart’sOssoff, Lewis, and Johnson comments concerning Congressman John Lewis – “The orchestrated lie.” President Donald Trump had the nerve to call John Lewis a liar. Republicans never want to offend anybody, want to play the middle of the road, and know how to lose an election. BKP is concerned that Republicans attacking Ossoff’s youth and fondness for Star Wars, may have been non-beneficial. Did Republicans miss how Star Wars is to all age groups? Maybe Republicans don’t remember a college keg party? REALLY… Democrats are organized. If they win the 6th district, the next stop is winning The House, and the grand finale will be redistricting in 2021. A must watch segment. Republicans beware… This may be offensive… Because it’s the truth!

Lumpkin Co. Group to Protest on Inauguration Day


DAHLONEGA, Ga. — The sights, sounds and spirit of Christmas that blanketed Dahlonega’s Historic Square last month could soon be replaced by angry protest signs and a more confrontational spirit when the North Georgia Adhoc Committee to Stop Trump demonstrates there during Friday’s inauguration of Donald J.Trump as America’s 45th president.

Lumpkin County’s Frank Gilkeson, who organized the event and obtained the necessary permit, says it will be a “silent protest.”

So, while Trump’s opponents have every right to protest, they also have a right to remain silent. But Trump supporters doubt they possess that ability.

Congressman John Lewis (D-Atlanta) certainly didn’t remain silent last week when he said he would not attend the inauguration because Trump is an “illegitimate” president.

Lewis claimed it would be the first time since he was elected that he missed an inauguration. That turned out to be a lie when it was revealed he also skipped the inauguration of George W. Bush.

Nor have some 60 other Democrats in the U.S. Congress remained silent in announcing they would not attend.

“The focus of Friday’s event is to help people get organized,” Gilkeson said. “We need to watch what Trump does very closely. I believe as soon as he takes his hand off that Bible he will be in violation of the Emolument Clause of the U.S. Constitution.”

That is open to debate, however. The clause essentially prevents anyone holding an “Office” from accepting presents or emoluments from any King, Prince or Foreign State.” But the clause has never been tested in a court of law and many legal scholars doubt it ever will.

After all, the clause didn’t prevent President Obama from accepting $1.4 million when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The recipient is selected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a five-member committee appointed by the Parliament of Norway. Not surprisingly, no one on the left considered that a violation of the Emolument Clause.

With the anger the left has over Clinton’s shocking defeat and their hatred for the President-elect, the question is how long will Friday’s “silent vigil” remain silent?


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