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Will Wade

What is the single most important reason voters should vote for you?

We are facing one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. The economic devastation of the coronavirus pandemic is going to have a lasting impact on our community. On top of that, Democrats are expected to make a major push to take back the State House this November. I am the only candidate who has experience helping businesses in our community rebuild and expand after the 2008 recession. I am the only candidate with a proven conservative record. I believe I am best equipped to make sure North Georgia is not left behind in the years to come and that we have the resources we need to recover from this pandemic shutdown.

Liberal educators are putting their own interpretation on American History and students in high school and on college campuses are trying to silence conservative voices with threats and intimidation. As State Rep, what can you do to change that?

I’ve been a strong conservative voice in this community my entire adult life and I am proud of the part I played in making Dawson County schools some of the best in the state. We cannot allow liberal Democrats to decide what history our students learn and we should not allow state universities to silence conservative voices on our campuses. I will look into introducing legislation to prevent Democrats from deciding what our kids are taught and make sure we protect local control of our curriculum. While Democrats fight to defund our police, I will fight to defund liberal state universities if they try to silence our conservative students.

Students in rural areas that are not served by broadband are at a serious disadvantage in receiving a quality education. What will you do to resolve that issue?

The state has already begun incentivizing private companies to expand broadband access into our rural communities. I will continue to push for these kinds of efforts so that our students are not left at a disadvantage as compared to students in Atlanta. Rural broadband is a top priority for me.

On Public safety, what will you do to stop this rising tide of anti-police sentiment in Georgia and across the nation?

I do not support defunding our police in any way, shape, or form. Any city or municipality that defunds their police departments should face serious sanctions at the state level. Defunding police risks the safety of everyone in our state.

What will you do as state representative to ensure that liberal mayors like the one in Atlanta enforce the laws against rioting and to keep them from handcuffing police instead of rioters?

While Atlanta lets rioters and Antifa thugs run loose on their streets damaging businesses and hurting innocent people, they will be the first to ask the state for extra funding to help repair the damage. If they are not willing to enforce our laws and prosecute those doing the damage they should be unable to receive any kind of support from the state. Governor Kemp made the right call by sending in the Georgia National Guard to stop the lawlessness in Atlanta. Now Atlanta should have to pay the bill.

What are 1 or 2 most important issues you will work on if you’re elected and what solutions can you offer?

We need to look into creative ways to help businesses get back on their feet. That doesn’t mean corporate bailouts. It means tax credits and support for the small businesses that make up the backbone of our economy outside of Atlanta. We need to make it easier than ever to hire more employees and expand businesses here in Georgia. As a banker, I know the hurdles these businesses have to jump through and I will work to tear those hurdles down.

Public safety will be my second main priority during my first term in office. We cannot allow the Defund Police movement to take hold in our state. It will cost lives.

What endorsements have you received?

I’m proud to have the endorsement of dozens of local leaders in Dawson, Lumpkin, and North Forsyth.

I have also been endorsed by the leading business groups in the state including the NFIB that supports our small businesses. I am also endorsed by the conservative group Family Policy Alliance. I am certified Pro-Life by Georgia Life Alliance and have the highest rating from the NRA.

Have you received any support from your former opponents in this race?

I’ve spoken to a few and I believe a few of them are quietly behind me. Even more importantly and what encourages me the most is that I have had dozens of calls, texts and conversations with supporters of my former opponents and I fully welcome them in supporting my campaign. I am also extremely proud that my campaign has widespread support from the grassroots community across this district.

What is your position on term limits and will you commit to serving no more than 8 years in office?

I am not a career politician and don’t plan to become one! I support term limits and will work to finally pass them if elected.



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