Chairman Dockery picked to lead ACCG Revenue and Finance Committee


ATLANTA Lumpkin County Chairman Chris Dockery was recently named as the 2020-2021 Vice Chairman of the Revenue and Finance Policy Committee for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG or Georgia’s County Association). The appointment was made by ACCG President and Jefferson County Commissioner Johnny Davis. This is the third year that Chairman Dockery has served in this position.

Legislative advocacy and public policy development are two of the primary services that ACCG provides to Georgia counties. The association uses a consensus-based policy committee process to bring together county commissioners and county staff to discuss issues of concern to county government that require changes to state and federal laws and agency policies. Policy committees develop positions on key issues, which become part of the Policy Agenda. The Policy Agenda is voted on by the membership during the ACCG Legislative Leadership Conference held annually in October. The ACCG policy team uses the Policy Agenda to guide advocacy efforts on behalf of counties during the legislative session.

“Being able to serve in a capacity that requires one to lead in various areas requires sacrifice, hard work and dedication,” said ACCG Executive Director Dave Wills. “It is imperative to Georgia’s counties that the right candidate is chosen to ensure that community needs are met.”

The Revenue and Finance Committee considers policies on behalf of local taxpayers to ensure that revenue and budget decisions made at the state level do not negatively impact county finances and county taxpayers.  Issues considered by this committee include local sales and use taxes, property taxes and user fees.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve as Vice Chairman of this committee and to work on legislative issues that have a direct impact on our community,” said Chairman Dockery.

Chairman Dockery will lead the Revenue and Finance Policy Committee with Oconee County Commissioner Mark Saxon, who was named Chairman.



ACCG is Georgia’s county association and works on behalf of county officials and their communities by providing public policy and legislative advocacy, leadership development, civic and community engagement initiatives, insurance and retirement programs that specialize in local government needs and other cost-saving programs.  Formed in 1914 when county officials came together to help fund the state’s first highway department, ACCG today serves as a catalyst for advancing Georgia’s counties.  For more information, go to


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