Letter to the Editor: The Big Lie

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Written by: Gary Hulsey

“Fair fight,” are you kidding me?! There was a time when folks debated in the truth. No more. Now, build a deceitful narrative and beat it to death through the media and from the podium. With repetition, surely folks will believe it.

Everybody knows the GA legislature has no intent to suppress voting. This is a leftist narrative built years ago and pulled out when the left needs an advantage and when the left needs leverage in making an unethical and unconstitutional deal, or pact, with a state’s election process head.

On 3-31-2021 an ad in Dahlonega Nugget (p. 3A) pictured GA House Speaker David Ralston. If Stacey Abrams’ organization, fairfight.com, really believes requiring an ID to vote is suppression and is evil, why not post a picture of Lucifer? Isn’t that more to the point? Ralston was only one of a majority voting for SB202 and election integrity.

The water myth has been publicly debunked by the media. The bill’s only restriction is that advocacy organizations cannot pander for votes by handing out water. Folks in a voter line can order pizza if they want!

And, posting a lie (“outlawing handing out water”) alongside someone’s picture, isn’t that slander? I’m not privy to the legal definition but sure looks slanderous.

All, left and right, know the truth if only admitted – an ID is required for any function these days – bank, fly, doctor’s office…everywhere. If you want honest elections, you want IDs – only qualified voters casting ballots. If you don’t want honest elections, you don’t want a requirement for voter identification – you have some hidden, but quite obvious, motive.

Delta Airlines, stick to flying, not politics! Likely, most of your customers are concerned about arriving safely and on time, not about your political positions. Worry about kids, pets, and masks and leave election integrity to the GA legislature.

Coke, what’s election integrity got to do with your distribution of unhealthy beverages?! Your product is a luxury, not a necessity…except for those addicted. Worry about Pepsi and other competitors and leave election integrity to the GA legislature.

Do you wonder – what is the connection among big business, big tech, media, academia, and Hollywood? How did cultural Marxism get entrenched in all these at one time? And why do new companies “automatically” cave and go with the prescribed narrative?

It’s like some puppet master is pulling all the strings simultaneously. GA properly and legitimately corrects for fraud, and those aforementioned entities, including sports, all align and recite the Marxist narrative. Amazing!

So, where do we go from here? Those of goodwill and honesty – insisting on fair and true elections – will continue to fight for righteous rules in our election process. Those spinning, and relying on, the deceitful and dishonest narrative, will likely continue.

We have the age-old dilemma of good vs. evil. Ultimately, possibly by man’s means but more likely supernaturally, light will dispel the darkness, and goodwill defeats evil. I, for one, want to walk in the light!

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