Dawsonville men charged with possession of heroin


Kevin Smallwood

LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga. — Two Dawsonville men were arrested near the public square and Park Street May 26. Kevin Smallwood, 27, and Wesley Smallwood, 39, both of Dawsonville were charged with possession of heroin, possession, manufacturing of a controlled substance and crossing a guard line with weapons, intoxicants or drugs.

Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office deputy George Albert Jr. responded in reference to two suspicious males who appeared to be intoxicated on the square. When he arrived one was standing by his vehicle the other laying on the ground.

Wesley Smallwood

After questioning both men and conducting field sobriety arrests, Albert arrested Kevin Smallwood. A subsequent search of their vehicle, he located a small plastic bag that contained a substance consistent with heroin.

Deputy Nicholas Weathington questioned Wesley Smallwood and during a body search, located a small plastic vial of white powdery substance that Smallwood said was crushed oxycontin.

Both men were transported to Lumpkin County Detention Center.


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