Commissioners approve FY2022 budget

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Lumpkin, Ga.- At the special call meeting on August 24, the County Commissioners approved the budget for the fiscal year 2022. They also agreed upon the millage rate and the Yahoola Creek Lighting project.

The commissioners unanimously accepted the fiscal year budget that Finance Director Abby Branan prepared. The budget was first presented to the commissioners on July 1.

The second page of the budget.

The budget was made available to the public online on July 28. There was a public hearing held on August 10 so the taxpayers of Lumpkin County could express any concerns they had with the budget proposal.

The 2021 budget was a total of 22,811,720 when it was adopted on September 15, 2020. The new budget total for 2022 is 24,486,037 when it was proposed for adoption on August 3. Giving a 1,674,317 increase between this year’s budget and next.

For more information on the proposal that was approved visit 

2021 Millage Rate

Additionally, the 2021 millage rate was set for the entire county. This included the incorporated city of Dahlonega, and unincorporated Lumpkin County, Lumpkin County School District, The Lumpkin County Reservior Tax District, and the Lumpkin County Planning Tax District.

The Lumpkin County School Board met on Monday, August 23 to approve their portion of the millage. They later submitted it to the county commissioners. The rate they voted for was a rollback rate and it was 15.560.

The millage rate the school board voted to accept.

The millage rate for Dahlonega is 11.556. Lumpkin County has a millage rate of 09.389. The Lumpkin County Reservior Tax District has a millage rate of 00.244. Lastly, the Lumpkin County Planning Tax District has a millage rate of 00.406.

Lumpkin County Tax Digest and Five Year History of Levy is available on the county website:

The millage rate will now be sent to the Georgia Department of Revenue for final approval.

Yahoola Creek Lighting Project

The last thing commissioners approved was the Yahoola Creek Lighting project for Yahoola Creek Park. The board was originally going to vote on this at the meeting on August 17. The vote was delayed to give staff time to look into another option for paying for the project.

The commissioners voted to accept the first proposal that was offered by Georgia Power. This proposal is for a one-time upfront cost of $159,000.00. Followed by a monthly rate of $2,203.86. They discussed this option at their work session on August 3. For more information on that discussion visit

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