Board Accepts the L4GA Grant

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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- The Lumpkin County Board of Education accepted the L4GA grant that has been awarded to the school system at the board meeting on Nov. 8.

The board also approved entering into a contract with Carroll Daniel Construction under the guaranteed maximum price present by the Superintendent, Dr. Rob Brown. The board did not make a motion on the request by Lumpkin County Water Authority for use on an easement.

The L4GA grant is a grant used for literacy in learning, living and leading. The school system was awarded $849,914.00. The award could fluctuate, depending on other schools’ acceptance or rejection of the award.

“The way most of these grants work is they don’t just send you a check for that amount for you to stick into the bank they have avenues with which you can request reimbursement and that’s what we are asking is to move forward with that and begin using that $850,000 to serve students,” Brown explained.

Brown also presented the board with a guaranteed maximum price or GMP for a contract with Carroll Daniel construction. This contract is for the construction of the new Lumpkin County Elementary school.

The GMP is $21,655,808 with a $1.2 million contingency fund in the event that market prices increase. For more information on the project and the aquatic center that is also part of this project visit

Sean Phipps from Lumpkin Water Authority came to the board with a request to use an easement off their bus shop. The use would be for the Water Authority to begin work on a treatment plant. The request did not receive a motion at the meeting, this does not delay the project of the Water Authority.

Dr. Brown while presenting the graduation rate to the board.

Dr. Brown informed the board that Lumpkin County’s graduation rate is up to 98.41%. Lumpkin County currently has the third-highest out of 180 schools graduation rate. The school system is first in Pioneer RESA.

“This is something our community and school system should be extremely proud of, and that’s for the third year in a row Lumpkin County established a new highest graduation rate ever,” Dr. Brown celebrated.

Starting back in 2016 at a rate of 88.7% there has been incremental process each year. This is due to in part to the strategic plan for Lumpkin County schools, information for that can be found at

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