Initial FY23 Budget Approved

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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- Superintendent Dr. Rob Brown presented the board with the initial FY23 budget at their Jun. board meeting and they approved it.

Brown also asked for the approval of two spending resolutions for July and Aug. Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Jennifer Moss presented the board with recommendations for the science textbooks for all grade levels next school year.

The initial budget for FY23 is revenues $46,272,794 and expenditures $46,272,792. The last fiscal year’s budget as presented to the board in Aug. of 2021 is revenues of $42,017,721 and expenditures of $39,810,067. This initial budget is not the final budget for the year that can not be made until the board receives the current tax digest.

The $4,255,073 projected increase comes in response to current inflation. There is an increase in the expected fuel cost, there are new teacher positions being added, and a pay increase for teachers. To compare the initial budget to the previous budget visit, for the previous budget.

Since the finance department has to wait for the current tax digest to set the new budget for FY23 Brown asked the board to approve two spending resolutions. These two resolutions allow the school system to function without the budget set. The board did vote to approve both resolutions.

This is a process they go through every year. The digest is expected around late July or mid-Aug. To review how they handled the budget last year please visit

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Jennifer Moss while presenting the textbook recommendations to the board.

Moss put together a committee to review the current teaching materials for science in each grade level. The committee was made up of science teachers from all schools. The public was given an opportunity to review the choices for the new materials and was asked if they had any questions or concerns to contact Moss.

There was only one individual that reviewed the materials. They work within the health care system and said they believed the materials well reflect the information that is needed to work in the medical field.

The invoice for the high school textbooks.

Currently, the elementary and middle schools are opting to keep the materials they are currently using for the science department. The high school though is opting to get the next textbooks that reflect the standards, the ones currently in use do not work well with the standards.

Next school year they are set to review the math materials however due to standards changing the review may be pushed back a year. If it is pushed back another subject will have its materials reviewed next year, however, has not been decided as of yet.

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