TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- BoJack Dowdy, no. 35

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Congratulations to week 4 TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week for the Lumpkin County Indians- runningback BoJack Dowdy!

BoJack played a huge role in the Indians first season win on Friday night. He ran for 166 yards over 22 carries and scored three of the four touchdowns for the Indians. After the game he was all smiles as he celebrated with his teammates and family.

Congratulations to BoJack for being named this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!


Lumpkin County Indians get first season win

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The Lumpkin County Indians football had plenty to celebrate Friday night. Following their first season win over the Gilmer Bobcats, the Indians ran from midfield to the sideline to thank the band, and their fans, for their unending support.

It has been a hard fight for the team to get here. The Indians suffered three straight losses to begin their season to East Jackson, White County and Jackson County. But being back on their home turf, the Indians were hungry for a win, and ready to fight for one.

This victory was also the first for Coach Caleb Sorrells in his role as the new head coach. Sorrells was named head coach earlier in the summer, and it his first time in a head coach’s position.

When asked how he was feeling after the game, Sorrells smiled and said, “I’m really, really proud of our kids. I’m proud of them for how they played tonight, but I’m most proud of them for how they prepared to play tonight.”

The Lumpkin offense played an incredible game. Runningback Drew Allison carried five times for 35 yards and scored one touchdown. Runningback BoJack Dowdy ran for 166 yards over 22 carries and scored three of the four Indians touchdowns. Quarterback Tucker Kirk threw seven completions over a total of nine attempts.

Runningback Drew Allison after scoring the Indians first touchdown of the night.

Lumpkin County scored first during their first possession after a ten yard touchdown carry from Allison. The Indians defense held the Bobcats to a quick four and out, then regained possession at the Bobcats 49 yard line.

The first half of the game was riddled with penalties, and the Indians experienced that during their next drive. The offense drove down to the 24 yard line before they were hit with two penalties, one a personal foul and one for delay of game, to push them back to where they nearly started. Kirk punted from the Bobcat 43 yard line, and the Bobcats took over on their 21 yard line.

Gilmer went on a long drive that resulted in a touchdown to tie the game, and the Indians offense went back to work. Dowdy broke through the line with a huge 54 yard touchdown carry to bring the Indians ahead 13-7 with 4:37 left in the half. Lumpkin County got in field goal range during their next drive, and a 22 yard kick by Will Ramirez was good. The Indians held a lead of 16-7 going into the half.

Coming out of the half the Bobcats fumbled and Tanner Kirk recovered for the Indians. Lumpkin County was held to four and out by the Bobcat defense and was forced to punt. The Bobcats scored during their next possession to shorten the Indians lead 16-14. Lumpkin answered during their next possession with another touchdown carry, this one for three yards, by Dowdy.

The Indians celebrate another touchdown by BoJack Dowdy.


Gilmer went for an onside kick and got it, and scored again with a quarterback keeper. The Indians were still ahead 23-21, but weren’t giving in quite yet. Dowdy scored one more time for the Indians after a two yard carry to make the score 29-21. From there it was a matter of letting the clock run down so the Indians could begin their celebration.

Lumpkin County is going into a bye week this week before they kick off region play against the Dawson County Tigers. They will host the Tigers at Cottrell Stadium on the 27th.


Many downtown businesses will close on 9.14 due to rally

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The list of local businesses on the historic Dahlonega square that will be closed on September 14 has steadily increased as the impending rally approaches.

Some of the first businesses to announce closing on the 14th are, Spirits Tavern, Gustavo’s, and Knuckles Sandwich Shop. Spirits posted on their reason for closing on their Facebook page, which was later shared by Knuckles  “Spirits Tavern will be closed on this day (Saturday, September 14). The safety of our employees and guests are our highest priority. The revenue lost is not worth acknowledging hate of any kind.”

Since then, several other businesses have taken to social media to announce their closing on 9.14, including Mayor Sam Norton’s business, the Picnic Cafe and Dessertery. According to Picnic Cafe’s Facebook page, “It’s not always about the dollar. Family values and a sense of community are what most businesses on the Square are about here in Dahlonega. We will close Saturday, September 14th and encourage others to be home with their family. We will reopen the day after these disruptive protests and counter-protests. We look forward to seeing you on Make-Up Monday (9/16/19).”

Crimson Moon told FYN that they will be closed during the day and open only to host the concert scheduled for Saturday night. Capers on the Square, Brad Walker Pottery, Paul Thomas Chocolates, The Dahlonega General Store, Jolie Day Spa, Walking Ghost Tours, and Studio Jewelers are amongst the businesses that will also be closed. The Dahlonega Farmer’s Market is also canceled for 9.14.

While many downtown businesses will be closed, there are some who will remain open, or open later Saturday evening. This includes The Fudge Factory and Outlaw Jerky will open at 4 p.m. on Saturday, 19 Degrees North, Pueblos, Grapevines, Johnny B’s, Naturally Georgia, Giggle Monkey Toys, Shenanigan’s Irish Pub, and Bourbon Street Grille, (downstairs dining only) will all remain open.

Deb Rowe, owner of Shenanigan’s and Bourbon Street Grille, explained that they will remain open, but the upstairs dining area and balcony area of Bourbon Street will be closed. Patrons will still have the option to dine downstairs at Bourbon Street. Both businesses expressed support and appreciation not for the rally, but for the many law enforcement officers and emergency personnel who will be diligently working to keep everyone safe during the rally,

“Shenanigans and Bourbon Street will be open on Saturday 9/14, offering our employee discount of 30% to all emergency personnel. We are aware that many businesses are taking a different approach, and that’s just as understandable. We will stand in the confidence of our law enforcement to monitor and protect, as well as being steadfast with safety and security ourselves. In addition to our local emergency personnel, there are several hundreds of additional officers coming to serve our community and it is our hope that after a contained and uneventful demonstration, we will be able to serve them in appreciation of their service to us all.” attracts more than 300,000 page views and 3.5 million impressions per month for ad server. FYNTV attracts approximately 15,000 viewers per week and has between 15,000 to 60,000 per week Facebook page reach. For the most effective, least expensive local advertising, call 706-276-6397 or visit

Lady Indians edge past Tigers 4-2

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Both the Lumpkin County Lady and Indians and Dawson County Tigers battled for hits in their region game on Tuesday night. But after a single to left field by Emmie Graham and ball put into play by Hannah Pulley, the Lady Indians were able to pull ahead and win by a final score of 4-2.

The Lady Indians struck first with a leadoff double by shortstop Evee Dornhecker. First baseman Natalie Robinson followed shortly after with a single, and then came catcher Natalie Schubert’s out-of-the-park homerun to left field. With her hit, Schubert brought in Robinson and propelled the Lady Indians to a 3-0 lead.

Third baseman Rylie Erickson hit a triple for the Dawson County Tigers, bringing in their first run of the game.

The Tigers started to make a comeback during their next at bat. Center fielder Kaselyn Martin hit a single to right field, then was brought home by a triple from third baseman Rylie Erickson. After Erickson was able to come in after a ball put into play by left fielder Brea Crane, the Lady Indians lead had been shortened to one run 3-2.

It was a battle of defense for the next few innings as both teams fought for runs and were denied them. An exceptionally good play for the Lady Indians came from teamwork by sisters Hannah Pulley and Alyssa Pulley. Designated player Kaylee Hamilton for the Tigers bunted, and Hannah Pulley scooped up the ball in time to get the out at first. Alyssa Pulley moved over from second to first to get the ball for the out.

The final score of the game came in the bottom of the sixth inning, when the ball put into play by Hannah Pulley brought in a needed run for the Lady Indians.

The Lady Indians may have won, but the Tigers played a great game both offensively and defensively.

Starting pitcher for the Lady Indians Lauren English pitched a great game over seven innings with seven strikeouts.

Starting pitcher for the Tigers Reese Moore pitched a solid six innings with one strikeout and allowing four runs.

Lauren English was the starting pitcher for the Lady Indians, who also pitched a great seven innings with seven strikeouts and allowing two runs.

The Tigers are scheduled to face White County this Thursday at home. The Lady Indians will travel to play East Hall on Thursday, as well.


TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- Ethan Kline no. 16

Player of the Week, Team FYN Sports

Congratulations go out to Ethan Kline, no. 16 for the Lumpkin County Indians, for being named this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!

Ethan played a key role in the Indians’ game against Jackson County on Friday night. He made multiple great tackles throughout the second half that prevented the Panthers from being able to score any more points. Ethan was one of the top few on the team for most tackles throughout the night.

Congratulations again to Ethan Kline, no. 16 for the Lumpkin County Indians, for being named this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!


City Council approves ordinances that impact upcoming events

Business, News

DAHLONEGA, Ga. — The Dahlonega City Council held a special called meeting on September 5 and approved ordinances that impact coming events, including the well-publicized Sept. 14 rally in support of President Donald Trump.

Ordinance 2019-24 will help regulate the time, place, and manner of “planned and spontaneous demonstrations on public property.” According to Dahlonega Mayor Sam Norton the ordinance, “Gives the city manager the authority to issue an order and broad discretion on how to investigate the time, manner, and place [of city events].”

According to 2019-24, the city manager is, “Authorized to issue content-neutral time, place, and manner regulations to govern upcoming demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in the city,” through written orders.

With this, the city manager will have the authority to “restrict the time and length of the event or place regulations on the number of participants who may gather or congregate upon public property, public sidewalks, public rights-of-way, and places of public assembly to which the public has access.” The purpose is to protect the “public’s use and enjoyment of public spaces.”

Dahlonega City Manager Bill Schmid explained that those who wish to participate in demonstrations held on public property would be designated to a specific “free-speech zone,” where they would also be required to follow any rules set forth by the city. Schmid explained that there would be, “Signage created to identify the rules,” and they would also be posted on the internet and handed out to participants as they arrive at the event.

City Marshal Jeff Branyon explained that law enforcement would be present to ensure all participants followed the regulations, and the proposed rules will be available online for the public prior to the event. The Council also set a “Sunset Date” for December 31, at which time they will revisit the ordinance and make any necessary changes or adjustments.

Ordinance 2019-25 will restrict the use of drones during festivals or large events that are held in the city on public property, and although they will be permitted otherwise, the City Council must be notified prior to use; those who wish to fly drones over the city on public property, will have the option to notify the proper persons online.

“This is a public safety issue,” explained Braynon. He also stated that the University of North Georgia Drill Field is designated as a landing pad in the event of an emergency, and the use of drones during festivals and large events may interfere.



Dahlonega City Hall announces special called meeting

Community, Feature News

DAHLONEGA, Ga. — Dahlonega City Council will hold a special called meeting at the Dahlonega City Hall on September 5, at 4:30pm to discuss Ordinance 2019-time, manner, and place, and Ordinance 2019-25.

According to City Hall, Ordinance 2019 is, “An ordinance regulating planned and spontaneous demonstrations on public property.” Ordinance 2019-25 is, “An ordinance to encourage innovative and safe uses of unmanned aircraft while addressing concerns about accountability.”

The public is encouraged to attend. attracts more than 300,000 page views and 3.5 million impressions per month for ad server. FYNTV attracts approximately 15,000 viewers per week and has between 15,000 to 60,000 per week Facebook page reach. For the most effective, least expensive local advertising, call 706-276-6397 or visit

Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners will hold a work session Tues.


DAHLONEGA, Ga. – The Lumpkin County Board of Commissioners will hold a work session at 4 p.m. Tuesday, followed by a 6 p.m. public hearing in the County Administration Building.

The meeting will begin with the presentation of the 2019 Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) Legislative Service Award to State Senator Steve Gooch (R-Dahlonega) by ACCG Deputy Legislative Director Todd Edwards.

State Senator Steve Gooch (R-Dahlonega)

Gooch has been a driving force behind rural broadband initiatives during the last two legislative sessions. He authored SB 402 (the Achieving Connectivity Everywhere Act) in 2018 that set the framework for Georgia’s Broadband Deployment Initiative. In 2019, he sponsored SB 2, authorizing the state Electric Membership Cooperatives to provide broadband service.

Although his bill to provide the legal framework for e-scooters to operate in Georgia did not pass, he facilitated discussions between the e-scooter industry and local governments that ultimately led to a study committee being created on the topic.

Commissioners will have a number of resolutions to consider, including establishment of the millage rate and the 2020 budget, Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Decal ordinance, a Senior Center transportation resolution and an amendment to the surplus property resolution.

The Mobile Home & Manufactured Home Decal Ordinance resolution would allow Tax Commissioner Rachel Pruitt to contract with a retired law enforcement official to serve citations to each delinquent mobile home statement. The fee for delinquent tax would be $50. The process server would be paid $30 per citation and the county general fund will receive the addition $20 for services rendered and the cost of citation.

The Senior Center resolution would enable the Senior Center to operate a vehicle for transporting seniors to and from the center for the congregate nutrition and activity programs. Additionally, the funds allow for taking congregate participants on off-site trips, to shopping, errands and medical appointments. The resolution would allow the Senior Center to contract with Deanna Specialty Transportation, Inc. to provide transportation at a cost of $52,000.00 for the period July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

The Board will also consider a contract with North Georgia Concrete for $78,902 for modification of the front entrance of the Senior Center and Mental Health buildings to bring them into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. County staff could provide the demolition work which would reduce the overall cost of the project. If North Georgia Concrete does the demolition work, the overall cost would be $106,527.50.

Commissioners are also expected to consider annual lease renewals for the Ninth District Opportunity to operate the Lumpkin County Head Start Program in a county facility and maintenance and testing of the 911 phone system.

Taylor Stukes and his wife have generously offered to donate an eight-foot by 20-foot metal shipping container to the Emergency Services department to help them with the erection of their burn building. Commissioners will approve a resolution to accept the gift.

The county has a proposed a budget based upon the direction of the Board of Commissioners. Staff is still waiting on operational estimates for the new library. Representatives from Lumpkin County and Dawson County will meet in early September to discuss funding. After that meeting, staff should have a better understanding of how the system will be funded by Dawson County and can obtain direction from the Board on how much funding should be given to the library.

Staff has prepared the unincorporated millage rate with a 1 mill rollback. Until the budget is finalized, the millage rate calculations and forms cannot be completed. As soon as everything is finalized, it will be posted to the notebook.

A public hearing is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the budget, but staff notes that the budget will not be in final form at that time.



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