Video Camera Leads to Arrest of Three Hall County Suspects Accused of Theft from Parked Autos


Sheriff StacyJarrardDAHLONEGA, Ga. – A joint investigation conducted by the sheriff’s offices in Lumpkin and Hall counties has led to the arrest of three Hall County residents suspected of thefts from parked cars in both counties.

Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard said most of the thefts took place in the late night, early morning hours and a video camera at a parking lot of an apartment complex that led to the arrests.

“It was a joint effort ” Jarrard said. “Investigators in Hall and Lumpkin counties did a great job making these arrests. “The suspects would go to one car and if it was locked, they would go on the next one until they found one that was unlocked.”

Austin Lasseter, age 22, Mitchell Evans, 20, and Emily Jordan, 20, all from Hall County, were initially brought to the Hall County jail where they were charged with multiple felonies before being transported to Lumpkin County where they face additional felony charges.

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