District 9 State Representative candidate Steve Leibel Q&A

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Steve Leibel

What is the single most important reason voters should vote for you?

I understand and appreciate the Constitution and can make laws and support laws that won’t be altered by judges. I am not bought. I will listen to, and work for the voters, and no one else.

 Liberal educators are putting their own interpretation on American History and students in high school and on college campuses are trying to silence conservative voices with threats and intimidation. As State Rep, will you introduce legislation to change that?

School Districts have a responsibility to educate children truthfully. No one should be able to bully anyone to pursue their political agendas. I do not believe you can Constitutionally legislate speech – I do believe that the Attorney General should protect conservative voices by bringing action to assure balance.

 Students in rural areas that are not served by broadband are at a serious disadvantage in receiving a quality education. What will you do to resolve that issue.

I would look to partner with private enterprise like Google to bring new technology to Our District.

On Public safety, what will you do to stop this rising tide of anti-police sentiment in Georgia and across the nation?

As a police officer I know how important it is to have the good will of people. Police need funds to do more interaction with people in their local communities. Police sponsored events that involve various groups can build good will which personalize police.

What will you do as state rep to ensure that liberal mayors like the one in Atlanta enforce the laws against rioting and to keep them from handcuffing police instead of rioters.

The Governor did the right thing by calling in the National Guard. Legislation should be enacted to make certain DAs don’t use their office to unfairly prosecute police while the GBI is still investigating the incident

What are 1 or 2 major issues you will work on if you’re elected and what solutions can you offer?

I would introduce legislation to amend the Georgia Constitution to enact 8-year term limits, and also to require property taxes from Universities when they operate in smaller localities.

What endorsements have you received?

Amos Amerson, Chip Pearson, Billy Carlisle, James Grogan, council members Johnny Ariemma, Ron Larson, and Mark French, Commission members Tim Satterfield and Dennis Brown.

Have you received any support from your former opponents?

Doug Sherrill and Tyler Tolin

You have made a commitment to support a constitutional amendment on term limits but what if such an amendment does not pass. Will you still commit to serving no more than 8 years? 



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