Lumpkin County election results

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With election results still underway, Lumpkin County’s votes are in. Lumpkin County stayed Republican, with their presidential vote as Trump.

  • Republican Donald Trump: 12,160 (78.33%)
  • Democrat Joe Biden: 3,122 (20.11%)
  • Libertarian Jo Jorgensen: 242 (1.56%)

David Perdue took over 70% of the votes, with results in Lumpkin County for the U.S Senate.

  • Republican David Perdue: 11,937 (77.73%)
  • Democrat Jon Ossoff: 2,924 (19.04%)
  • Libertarian Shane Hazel: 496 (3.23%)

In the Special Senate Election, former Ninth District Representative Doug Collins took lead in Lumpkin County. However, FYN previously reported that Loeffler and Warnock will be advancing to the January runoff.

  • Republican Doug Collins: 7,526 (51.80%)
  • Republican Kelly Loeffler: 3,995 (27.50%)
  • Democrat Raphael Warnock: 1,589 (10.94%)

In regard to the Ninth District Representative, Andrew Clyde (R) earned 12,194 votes (80.48%) and his opponent Devin Pandy (D) received 2,957 votes (19.52%).

For additional numbers in White County, results are found on the Secretary of State website.

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  1. Joel Loggins November 18, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    WE the people of Lumpkin county need to take serious look at this election. Too many things are wrong with the vote count in this county . No one can tell me a first time candidate got more vote than a setting President. I call for a investigation into the software and voting system used in this the 2020 election.

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