Board Continues to discuss Character Area Map amendment


LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- The commissioner continued their discussion on the resolution to amend a character area map at their work session on Jan. 4.

The board also addressed the need to look at the policies on adopting subdivision roads into the county. They also discussed the wall at the OakGrove round-about.

The request is to amend the character area map for the area of 283 Red Oaks Flats Loop, Dahlonega, Ga, 30533, parcel 098-015. This is an area of 64.17 acres.

It was brought before the board in Dec. 2021. The board felt at the time that the definition for the light industrial in the land-use code was to board so they voted to table until Jan. in order to give staff time to come up with some conditions for the area. For more information on that discussion visit

Public Works Director Larry Reiter after giving the conditions and accepting the notes from the commissioners.

Public Works Director Larry Reiter presented the board with ten proposed conditions for the character area map. Commissioner Rhett Stringer District 3 voiced concern with condition six. The condition states that any outdoor storage must be screened by an 8ft high opaque fence along the boundary of the Industrial Character Area and any right of way.

“I think the proposed conditions are really good but I like for the board to discuss on number six the outdoor storage must be screened by an 8ft opaque fence, me personally I think trees would look a lot better than an opaque fence,” explained Stringer.

To view the other conditions visit The conditions begin on page 30.

Another concern was that the developer intends to build a house on the property but these conditions restrict the use of the land in that way. The general thought would be to have it written into the plat and deed that the area is coded as industrial so the owner understands what to expect before building. Reiter is expected to make these changes and return them to the board before the next work session on Jan. 18 at 5:30 p.m.

The next order of business was the resolution to adopt Camp Creek Overlook Subdivision road into the county. The road is a one-lane, one-way road. The commissioners felt that roads like this are more liable than other roads and discussed the possibility of looking at the regulations for future road adoptions.

The last item discussed was the OakGrove Round-about. This project is right at the bid price of just under 1.9 million dollars to complete however the wall was an issue that was brought up.

“I’m sure if you’ve been through the round-about I’m sure you’ve noticed the wall will make you seasick,” commented Chairman of the Board Chris Dockery.

The contractor has been brought back out and asked to cap it in order to address the problem. At this time there is not a price for how much that project would cost but the board has given Reiter direction on talking price with the contractor.

Commissioner Tucker Greene thank Reiter and his crews for their handling of all the storm damage this week and all the hard work they do for the county.

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