Lumpkin County government opens all roads

Press Release
Lumpkin County government advises caution of tree debris even though all county roads are open.

DAHLONEGA, Ga. – Lumpkin County government updated the community on the clearance of county roads, but advised drivers to exercise caution:

Thanks to our awesome Roads & Bridges Department, all county roads are open; however, we ended up with over 40 roads requiring tree removal. When a situation like this occurs, our priority is to get the higher traffic roads open as soon as possible and then get lesser traveled roads open. In the process of achieving this, tree debris is often left on the sides of the roads. Our crews will be back out collecting debris off county right-of-ways as time allows. Until that is accomplished, keep in mind there may be areas where you cannot pull off on the shoulder of the road and travel with care!

Lumpkin County government urges drivers to remain cautious of tree debris.

Although roads are open, Lumpkin County encourages drivers to be aware of possible tree debris.

Lumpkin County government previously shared roads would remain closed until local power companies could remove power lines from downed trees.


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