The Board to Seek Bids for Inmate Health

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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- The Board of Commissioners is beginning to seek bids for inmate health contracts after the current contract was raised.

The board also approved funding for a program manager for the broadband infrastructure grant project. They also entered into a mediation compromise with The Complete Combatant, LLC. The board also is continuing the search for a location for the new animal shelter.

The commissioners have been working with Finance Director Abby Branan to work out a new contract for inmate health. The current contract with CorrectHealth has gone up to $60,000 over the previous contract. To review the talks the board has had so far visit

Sheriff Stacy Jarrard while discussing the inmate health contract.

CorrectHealth has agreed to a month-to-month contract while the commissioners start a bid process. The bids are due by Apr. 4 and Branan will have a contract for the board’s approval by the second meeting in Apr.

Development Authority Director Rebecca Mincey brought the commissioners a request for funding for a program manager for the broadband infrastructure grant project. Mincey has been working with the state and NTIA on the infrastructure project. The board approved the use of ARPA funds for the project.

“I’d like to publicly tell Rebecca Mincey how thankful we are for her hard work on these two grants, these are very competitive grants for broadband and infrastructure improvement in Lumpkin County. Not only were we the recipient of a State grant but also a Federal grant and it’s just unbelievable the amount of work that goes into that,” stated Chairman of the Board Chris Dockery.

Ken Jarrard outside legal counsel for the Board of Commissioners brought mediation compromise for The Complete Combatant, LLC. The compromise spells out terms that both The Complete Combatant and the board can agree to.

Ken Jarrard while explaining the compromise to the board.

The terms state that the only firearms that will be allowed will be pistols. The times for operation will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. two days a week, one weekend per month, and two Fridays per year. This does not include the owner’s personal use, but it does include charity usage. They are also required to use noise baffling panels that once in place the county staff will be responsible for reviewing, the company will be in charge of maintenance.

The court now has to approve the compromise. If the judge does approve they will hold the compromise for the next year which means that if any of the conditions are not met by either side they can take them to court. With all these conditions the board approved the compromise.

There was public comment after the meeting where serval citizens expressed their concern and disappointment with this action. The board heard out the concerns of the citizens.

The board also is still considering options for the new animal shelter. At this time they are considering waiting till the architect has drawn up designs for the building layout. They also approved JMA Architecture for the project. To review the options they are considering for animal shelter visit beginning on page 312.


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