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LUMPKIN COUNTY, Ga.- The Board of Education approved the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the county for the new recreational center the county is planning.

The board also approved the three policies they place on the table last month after no public comments were received. They approved the days suggested by Superintend Dr. Rob Brown for parent conference days.

The Board of Education and the Lumpkin County Commissioners joined into an IGA to share the land where the new Lumpkin County Elementary School and the Aquatic Center would be located on. The county also helped take on some of the cost by handling the paving for the project according to the original IGA.

As many are already aware the original plans for the County’s Aquatic center went way over their intended budget for the project. The commissioners have spent the past several months in talks with the community to figure out what exactly needed to be in the center.

They finally came up with an outdoor eight-lane 25-yard pool, and a gym with courts for basketball, pickleball, and volleyball. There are also six outside pickleball courts and a lazy river with two slides.

Since the plans have changed the boards needed a new IGA. The amended IGA was presented to the Board of Education at their work session on Aug. 3. To review that please go to

Now that the Board of Education has approved the agreement the county will have to do the same. To review the agreement visit The commissioners have stated that the center will be opened at the same time as the new elementary school and the buildings will look the same on the outside.

At the July 18 board meeting and work session, the board tabled three policy updates for a month. Two of those policies were revisions and they were policy JB and policy IEDA, and policy IKBB is a new policy in response to House Bill 1084.

To understand the changes to the policies and the new policy visit During the 30-day time period, the community was able to voice any concerns before the policies were passed and put into practice. The community reported no comments to the board so they were passed as is and are effective immediately.

Dr. Brown also suggested two days for parent conferences in the middle of both semesters these days will be early release days. Those days were Sept. 23 and Mar. 30, along with those he also recommended two days for early release at the end of each semester.

The end of semester dates is Dec. 16 and May 24. These dates were all approved by the board.

The group from Well Fed Well Read with Dr. Brown.

The Board also recognized members of a group that operated this summer known as Well Fed Well Read. This group worked with The COmmuninty Helping Place and Lumpkin Literacy to bring books and food to low-income neighborhoods this summer. The idea came from Board Members Lynn Sylvester and Mera Turner.

Heard in the clip above is Director of Community Engagement and PR Jason Lemely, and Sylvester describing how the idea came forward. The Community Helping Place was also named this months Partner in Education for all they do for the school system along with this program.

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