Council approves 2022 employee benefits program


DAHLONEGA, GA.- The city council approved the 2022 employee benefits program during the special called meeting on September 20.

The breakdown of the possible insurance plans.

Finance Director Allison Martin brought before the council the renewal plan for the 2022 employee benefits. The employee benefits are increasing by 6.23% from this year to next. The deductibles are increasing to $1,500 or $750 ($2,250 for families). The emergency room deductibles are also rising to $200 and the out-of-pocket threshold is increasing to $3,000 ($6,000 families) and $2,000 ($4,000 families).

There will be no increase to the vision, dental or basic life and disability plans. This will put a freeze on the levels of employee contribution. Open enrollment will be from October 1 through November 5. To view the presentation given to the council visit

” This GMA package is really really nice, you know when you look out beyond this and see what is available even on the marketplace this is a really really great benefit for the city employees,” commented Councilmen Johnny Ariemma.

The next item that the council approved was the full budget amount for the 2021 off systems safety project. This project is using a GDOT grant and a match from the city to restripe areas in the city that are in need due to public safety.

Peak has bid $52,355.00 for the project. This was the second time that the city put the project up for bids the first time they had none.

The council chose to vote early on this. They were originally not scheduled to vote on this item till the October 4 council meeting. With the council going forward with the vote Peak can start the work as soon as their schedule allows.

“If we can get those crosswalks, that’s a safety issue,” stated Mayor Sam Norton.

There were two joint proclamations approved at the meeting. The first was to proclaim that the Community Helping Place Ornament is the official 2021 Collectors Ornament for the City of Dahlonega and Lumpkin County.

The second proclamation was to acknowledge the job that Matthew Garner Chair of Lumpkin County Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors has done for the past two years. At this time, the Lumpkin County Commissioners have not made their side of the proclamations.

Resurgens Capital made a presentation at the council during their Public hearing for the phase two project at The Summitt. The proposed plan is to add 61 additional homes on 21.75 acres at The Summitt.

Bill Rath President of Summitt Board of Directors speaking in opposition to parts of the proposed project.

Part of their proposal includes an option to have short-term leasing available and currently, the residents at The Summitt are strongly against that. Residents spoke in opposition to that part of the plan during the hearing. The matter will be voted on at the Council Meeting on October 4 at 6:00 p.m.

New Cheif of Police George Albert being recognized by the Council.

Mayor Sam Norton recognized the newly appointed Chief of Police George Albert. He has been in law enforcement for 33 years and begins his duties on October 25. Mayor Norton also appointed Councilmen Joel Corrdel his mayor pro tem which the council later approved.

Councilmen Johnny Ariemma along with the rest of the council strongly encouraged the citizens of Dahlonega and Lumpkin County to take the Covid pandemic seriously and get vaccinated if they haven’t already.

Council Reappoints Member to DDA/Main Street Board

Business, Community, Health

Dahlonega, Ga.- The City Council reappointed Donna Logan to the DDA/Main Street Board at their meeting on September 7.

The council also approved the FY2021 third-quarter budget amendment and the banking service contract renewal.

The City Council reappoints Donna Logan to the Downtown Development Authority/ Main Street Board. Mrs. Logan is currently the longest-serving member on the board.

“Donna you are a veteran and I can not say enough how much we appreciate your public service through the years and you keep spinning out hits so they keep bringing you back,” congratulated Mayor Sam Norton.

Finance Director Allison Martin brought the FY2021 third-quarter budget amendment to the council for their approval. The revenue changes to the budget are 12,000.00 to the Local Option Sales Tax, 22,586.00 from transfers in from other funds, and 701,995.00 in Appropriated Fund Balance.

The FY21 budget, the changes are in Bold.

The expenditure changes to the budget are 12,000.00 in Legislative, 22,586.00 in General Administration, 3,326.00 in Maintenance and Shop, 3,995.00 in Community Development, 830.00 in Contingentices, 10,156.00 in Principle-Notes, and 704,000.00 in transfers out to other funds.

This gives a total of 736,851.00 in Revenues and 736,851.00 in expenditure changes. The council did vote to approve the changes to the budget. To see the full layout of the FY2021 budget visit file:///home/chronos/u-24e9d901837ca97689469b2093c9623467e062a1/MyFiles/FetchYourNews/City%20Council%209-7/MEET-Packet-f9326f71e8344f6799a893341d657d0e.pdf

“I want to make sure the public understands that the city is in excellent financial condition, that’s not something we should take lightly in light of what’s going on around the country, we are very blessed to be in this stable financial condition,” explained Councilmen Ron Lawson.

Martin also presented the United Community Bank Contract renewal for the council to consider. The bank is offering a variable rate not fixed. This is due to the current market levels. The council approved this contract renewal.

Lastly, due to the rise in the delta variant, the merchants on the square will not be hosting trick or treating again this year. The city council supports their decision and advises that people use their best judgment when it comes to trick or treating this year.

Many of the city council members are also strongly encouraging those who have not been vaccinated to get it for their own wellbeing and that of those around them. For more information on the vaccine visit

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