Local art to be featured at Art in the Park

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Original print by Lily Payne Art that will be available at Art in the Park

Lumpkin Co., GA

The Dahlonega Art Alliance is hosting “Art in the Park” on Saturday, August 10, from 1p.m. until 5p.m. at Hancock Park, located behind the Dahlonega square.

Original print by Lily Payne Art that will be available at Art in the ParkVarious local artists will have their work on display and available for purchase to the public; there will also be different mediums of art presented, such as live art, Plein air painting, photography, and music.

Local artist, Lily Payne Art, told FYN that she plans on showcasing her newest sunflower prints, “Art in the Park” will be local artists presenting their work to the public for sale. There will be several tents featuring different styles and mediums.”

Original print by Lily Payne Art that will be available at Art in the Park

Payne also explained that the Dahlonega Art Alliance is a “new alliance for local artists. It is to help local artists get more exposure and support each other through meetings and events.”


Lumpkin County Tax Commissioner announces retirement in 2020

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Lumpkin County Tax Commissioner, Rachel Pruitt, has announced that she will retire from her position as Tax Commissioner once the 2019 term has ended. 

After working in the Tax Commissioner’s office for 30 years, and serving as the Lumpkin County Tax Commissioner since 2009, Pruitt told Fetch Your News that it was “time to turn the reins over;” she also expressed her gratitude towards Lumpkin County for electing her to serve as their tax commissioner for the past decade in an interview with FYN, ” I have really enjoyed serving Lumpkin County as their Tax Commissioner and I hope I have made them proud and are leaving them with a good legacy. Helping taxpayers with payment plans to pay their property taxes or helping them with their complex registrations issues makes me feel that I have served them well, with a true Servants Heart.”

Pruitt said her most important accomplishment since being elected tax commissioner was succeeding in increasing the tax collection rate up, “We succeeded and we have kept the yearly collection rate in all future years at a 99 % rate or better.”

So far, there is at least one candidate who plans on running for Pruitt’s position in 2020 – Mike Young. He currently works in the tax commissioner’s office and he has Pruitt’s full support, ”I have been training him in all aspects of the office, and there is a lot to learn. He has my full support [running for tax commissioner] and I wish him well.”


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Thankful Hearts hosts sixth-annual Take & Bake



Thankful Hearts Lumpkin held their sixth-annual “Take & Bake” on Tuesday, where they handed out thanksgiving groceries to local families in need of assistance this holiday season. Founding member, Amberly Enich, explained to Fetch Your News that the charity started seven years ago, with a single idea on how to help Dahlonega families who could not afford groceries for Thanksgiving.

Photo courtesy of Thankful Hearts Lumpkin

Photo courtesy of Thankful Hearts Lumpkin

In the spring of 2012, Enich and James, along with founding members, Stephanie Jones, Molly Jackson, Bridget Barker, and Michele Grainger, hosted their first annual Thankful Hearts charity event; their goal was to raise enough money to feed at least 10 Lumpkin County families, but they surpassed that goal, and they were able to feed 29 families. Each year since, they have exceeded their goal, and 2018 was their highest year so far, providing groceries to 78 local families. 

Throughout the past six years, Thankful Hearts has earned support from local businesses such as, Walmart, Dahlonega Funeral Home, and Refrigiwear, through monetary donations, food donations, and even food storage.

Take & Bake is the event held each year, in which the receiving families are able to pick up their groceries from Thankful Hearts. Enich expressed her gratitude for the people and businesses who help feed locals each Thanksgiving, “This was just an idea that started, and I truly never imagined that it would turn into this. We’ve never had to beg for money or be stressed over nominations. There’s a true need in LC & we’re just so thankful that we are able to help fill that need”

Thankful Hearts is a division of Lumpkin County Family Connections, and everyone is welcome to volunteer or donate.


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Lumpkin County – State Election Results

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**FYN will be updating these results throughout the night tonight. Please keep checking back for updates as well as final results.**

2018 Georgia Election Results for Lumpkin County

The Lumpkin County unofficial results are as follows:

3715 voted today during the election, bumping Lumpkin County’s total number of active voters up to 11,574, which is a %59.15 active turnout.


Brian Kemp (R) – 9,149

Stacey Abrams (D) -2,224

Ted Metz (L) – 172

Lieutenant Governor:

Geoff Duncan (R) – 9,011

Sarah Riggs Amico (D) – 2, 2011

Secretary of State:

Brad  Raffensperger (R) – 8,884

John Barrow (D) – 2,210

Smythe DuVal (L) – 310

Insurance Commissioner:

Jim Beck (R) – 8,881

Janice Laws (D) – 2,085

Foster- 385

State School Superintendent:

Otha Thornton (D) – 2,119

Richard Woods (R) – 9,206

Agriculture Commissioner:

Gary Black (R) – 9, 251

Fred Swan (D) – 2,064

Labor Commissioner:

Mark Butler (R) – 9,174

Richard Keatley (D) – 2,121

Georgia Congress District 9:

Doug Collins (D) -9,112

Josh McCall (R) -2,276

Commission District 3

Rhett Stringer (R)-  9,319

Peri Lynn Gordon (D)- 2,000

Lumpkin County Congress District 4

Jeff Moran (R)-  9,139

Teresa Gay (D)-  2,209


Short Takes – What’s In It For Local Politics?


What’s In It for Local Politics?

It seems that Democrats believe they can turn Georgia, and other “Red” states, “Blue”  by challenging Republican incumbents on the basis that everybody really hates Trump. Democrats are shocked that Obama’s legacy is being exposed for the dangerous fraud it was and is being dismantled. For Democrats, it’s not that it was a fraud but that it was exposed.

As a campaign plan, I supposed It could work because the voters that Democrats hope to entice, have been dumbed down by a barely adequate education to the point democrats must feel that challenging a successful conservative political party, led by the hated Donald Trump, could be a workable plan. “Those Bad Republicans will take away all your benefits.”

Democrat do so without offering any plan of their own except the old Leftist doggerel about how racist, Islamophobic and homophobic the Republicans are. That’s an exercise in “hope”, which is no plan at all. But, they could be partially right because Georgia establishment Republicans still stubbornly cling to supporting their elites instead of recruiting new young conservatives, men and women, and grooming them for public office.  

For Georgia’s Governor, who is the GOP’s candidate? We’re told it’s Casey Cagle’s race to lose. Why? What has he done? Somebody must believe it because they said it. Do you believe it? The Democrat Left doesn’t. They’re on the attack regardless of a lack of viable candidates or leadership. Their constant and multiple appeals for cash donations fills my email box daily and their only message is a constant: “Impeach Trump!”  Their appeals are ludicrous, but I get little or nothing from Republicans or GOP pacs except the occasional fuzzy idea that it’s the old establishment for which they would appreciate my contribution. Nope! I donate only to the candidate of my choice and, If I feel that way, and I know I’m not alone, then local GOP politics are not going to be very successful in either collecting money or keeping offices. Look what happened in Cobb County, Ga,. It’s turning “Blue” A failure of GOP leadership.

Why should Ga. voters be expected to support Casey Cable simply because he is Lt. Governor? That’s no recommendation. He’s old GOP and claims no accomplishments except that he is Lt. Gov. Now, the field is under challenge by several younger, more conservative candidates, any of whom could actually win by embracing the changes that Trump has brought. Michael Williams, Hunter Hill and Mike Neely immediately come to mind as great GOP contenders to support.  

Lt. Governors are not entitled to advancement simply because of seniority. For the GOP it’s time for real change. Trump has shown us the way by his active significant achievements that has discombobulated what has long been considered normal politics. There is no better argument than success and the Democrats don’t have it. GOP candidates, if they expect to stay in power, had better get on board the “Trump Train” or at least follow his example.

Local political contests, like in Georgia, concerned with their own local problems, are still a reflection of the national party that’s in power. It’s not the Socialist Democrats and, it’s not really the Republicans either. If there is to be a Republican party and keep that name, the occupiers in it should realize that a fellow named Donald Trump changed the battle plans.

In the grand sweep of history, only a few have made significant difference to popular trends. I reckon Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher and now Donald Trump as those trend setters. Everything before Trump is history. The decades Democrats have spent introducing socialism into American culture as the norm, are being shredded by the common sense of a pragmatic billionaire businessman. He made promises and he’s keeping them. He’s proving his worth and the elites of both parties, who feel their absolute entitlement to political leadership is being threatened, have been sent reeling in confusion and disorder.

The Democrats are coming after Georgia with gobs of money. They are fixated on socializing America and will continue to dash themselves against the cracked and crumbling wall of long standing civilized customs and traditions until it falls. They were succeeding, until Trump came along, but they haven’t stopped. We have!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (27Dec17)

Senator David Perdue Addresses Local Elected Officials At White House

State & National

Senator David Perdue Addresses Local Elected Officials At White House

“Georgia is leading the way”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), Vice President Mike Pence, and senior Trump Administration officials joined Georgia county commissioners and state legislators at a White House event this week highlighting how Georgia is leading at the national level to help influence and shape major policy decisions impacting the people of Georgia and our country.


Best State For Business: “This is the fifth year in a row that Georgia has been named the best state in the country in which to do business. That doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because we’re business friendly. We have great people and great workers, and we have state legislators that are from the real world – people who come for 40 or 45 days and then go home to their businesses or professions to make a living for their family. I believe that keeps you in direct contact with what’s important.”

Leading The Way: “I want to highlight a few Georgians who are serving in this Administration: our former governor, Sonny Perdue, is doing a great job as Secretary of Agriculture; Nick Ayers is the Vice President’s Chief of Staff; Billy Kirkland is Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the White House. Tom Graves and Doug Collins are in different forms of leadership in the House. Johnny Isakson is leading the charge for our veterans. Zippy Duvall is President of the Farm Bureau and making a big difference. Chris Wray is our FBI Director. Ashley Bell is Director of External Affairs for the Peace Corps. Major General Bob McMahon from Warner Robins is an Assistant Secretary of Defense, and we’ve nominated and confirmed several U.S. attorneys and federal judges from Georgia.”

Making A Serious Impact: “Many of the people you’ve heard from today have Georgia roots. It’s clear that the state of Georgia is hitting way above our weight class. We’re the eighth largest state in the country population wise and we’re making a serious impact up here.”

Senator Perdue and Vice President Pence were joined by several Georgia natives serving in the Trump administration, including Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue; Vice President Pence’s Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers; and White House Intergovernmental Affairs Deputy Director, Billy Kirkland. Representatives from the Small Business Administration, Departments of Transportation, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Energy and Education, and Housing and Urban Development also addressed the group.



Mobile businesses are happening all around us and in every industry. The art world is no exception.

Artist Jenny King has been a fixture on the Marietta Square for almost a decade. At the end of the month, she will be moving her studio from the cozy spot above The Australian Bakery, to a shuttle bus conversion. “Leaving the Square was a tough decision, I love it there, the people, the community, but ultimately, transitioning into a mobile studio is in alignment with a project I’ve been working on for awhile now called Artist on the Lam.”, she explains.

Since 2009, King has contributed countless hours to help create the booming art scene present today on the Marietta Square. Her efforts include sharing her studio space with other local artists via Red Door Art Gallery & Studio, creating the charity event Trilogy, making the First Friday Art Walks more exciting for patrons with Mystery Themes, and even donating her services to The Winter Wonderland Experience by painting the mural at the ice rink, and that’s just to name a few.

She has strived to help bring the community together through art, so why move off the thriving Marietta Square now? She says that it’s simply the right time for her. “The Square is in a good place with some very talented and dedicated people to support it. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the last 19 years, my boys are getting ready to go off to college soon and so now I’m looking forward to slowing down from the grind, logging some travel time while still being able to create art.”

Her new project aims to continue that spirit of building community through art, but on a broader platform. It’s described as “a video documentation of the creative process presented in an engaging format to nourish your mind and spirit.” She breaks it down for us like this: “If Bob Ross and American Pickers had a baby…it would be Artist on the Lam.”

Fellow artist Kirk Stansbury is an integral part of this endeavor as he brings a different style of art and perspective. His work uses many upcycled and repurposed materials he randomly finds and constructs into a folky and funky art.

“I’m excited about it on a number of levels.”, says Stansbury. “This is a new experience of the unknown. I’m looking forward to traveling to new places, the adventure, meeting new people, the things we’ll discover to create art. My only hope is to educate and inspire others while having a little fun along the way.”

The diversity of Kirk and Jenny’s styles along with their congenial personalities is sure to make this a dynamic production, which is on track to launch in 2018.

The heart of Artist on the Lam is to inspire people by shining light on what it takes to create art in a way that others may learn. “If even one person out there can take something from this, can learn something new, travel (even if only vicariously) to a place they’ve never been, but especially if someone connects with their inner artist from watching Artist on the Lam, we will know we have achieved our purpose.”

King is not quite ready to leave the Square completely however. Her art will be remaining as she partners exclusively with Markay Gallery. “The Light Series is an important body of work to me.”, says Jenny. “I went through some very difficult life changes over the last two years. I’m still going through it. This series has been very soul healing for me.” The collectors that are drawn to these paintings seem to appreciate the ethereal feeling of hope they experience when viewing her work as well.

Markay Gallery, located just off the Marietta Square at 26 Winters Street, is the newest venture to join the Marietta Square, its owner however, Amber Markay Byrd, has been a prominent figure in the community for the last decade and has had a significant impact on the growth and success of the arts in the area.

“Having met Jenny almost 10 years ago, I have loved seeing how she uses art to connect with people in such a special and meaningful way.”, says Byrd. “Her canvas is her page and her paint is the story. Her work is beyond beautiful, it’s a personal connection to behold. Having her on board as a Markay Gallery artist is an exciting new chapter for both Jenny and the gallery. We’re honored to represent her!”

Amber’s vision and forward thinking approach to connecting collectors to the kind of art that “you just can’t live without now that you’ve seen it” has catapulted Markay Gallery to the top of unique gallery experiences to acquire the best and brightest the art world has to offer.

Jenny King still accepts commissions for clients who value a personal touch when it comes to art. View all the services she offers at www.JKingArtworks.com.

To learn more about the Artist on the Lam project, please visit www.ArtistOnTheLam.com.

For more information on Markay Gallery, please visit www.MarkayGallery.com.

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