TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- BoJack Dowdy, no. 35

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Congratulations to week 4 TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week for the Lumpkin County Indians- runningback BoJack Dowdy!

BoJack played a huge role in the Indians first season win on Friday night. He ran for 166 yards over 22 carries and scored three of the four touchdowns for the Indians. After the game he was all smiles as he celebrated with his teammates and family.

Congratulations to BoJack for being named this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!


TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- Ethan Kline no. 16

Player of the Week, Team FYN Sports

Congratulations go out to Ethan Kline, no. 16 for the Lumpkin County Indians, for being named this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!

Ethan played a key role in the Indians’ game against Jackson County on Friday night. He made multiple great tackles throughout the second half that prevented the Panthers from being able to score any more points. Ethan was one of the top few on the team for most tackles throughout the night.

Congratulations again to Ethan Kline, no. 16 for the Lumpkin County Indians, for being named this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!


Tough loss for Indians in road game against Jackson

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The Lumpkin County Indians football team fell in a tough loss to the Jackson County Panthers on Friday night. But there was one bright spot. In a game that was hosted at Jackson County, a hour away from the Indians home in Dahlonega, the stands were filled with loyal Indians fans. No matter what, the Lumpkin County football team will always have family and friends there to support them.

The Lumpkin County offense lining up for a play.

Lumpkin County started the game on a high note- a fumble by the Panthers recovered by the Indians. A combination of carries by Drew Allison and BoJack Dowdy, along with a completed pass from Tucker Kirk to Brian Cunane, almost got the Indians into Panther territory until a fumble was recovered by the Panthers. Jackson County was set up in scoring position in Indian territory, which they took advantage of for their first touchdown of the night. The extra point attempt was no good, but during the Indians next drive a snap was recovered in the endzone to score a safety for the Panthers. With 4:37 left in the first, the Panthers held a lead of 8-0.

Jackson County scored again during their next drive to extend their lead 14-0. The Indians were able to gain some yardage on their next drive, but another bad snap forced them to punt on fourth down.

The Indians defense was able to hold the Panthers offense for the remainder of the first quarter, but the Panthers scored again to open the second quarter. Jackson County scored again on their next drive, but a penalty for an ineligible receiver down field negated their touchdown. The Indians Roy Bennett helped to further prevent a Panther touchdown for his coverage of the receiver on third down.

Jackson County scored once more to finish the half with a 28-0 lead.

The Lumpkin County defense with a stop.

Coming out of the half, the Indians were ready to play harder. They were forced to punt after their next drive, but the ball was fumbled by the Panthers receiver and recovered by Jared Hoch for an Indians first down. Unfortunately the Indians offense was unable to move the ball very far before an interception by the Panthers.

The Lumpkin County defense played a great game in the second half; they held the Panthers to a field goal in their drive after the interception. Furthermore the Panthers were unable to score for the remainder of the game up against the Indians defense.

At the final buzzer, the Panthers were ahead 31-0. After a tough series on the road, the Indians will have the home field advantage during next week’s game against Gilmer County.


TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week-Jason Chamblee, no. 51

Sports, Team FYN Sports

In a tough game against the White County Warriors on Friday night, Jason Chamblee played a key role on defense. Jason helped to prevent the Warriors from scoring any more touchdowns late into the game. The Warriors were ahead 38-0 in the third quarter, and in scoring position again on the two yard line. Chamblee helped to prevent the Warriors from moving any further- during the next play the Warriors were pushed back two yards to the four yard line.

Head coach Caleb Sorrells said of Jason, “He has been more of a LB/RB type in the past, and when we asked him to play OL/DL, he didn’t even blink.  He’s poured himself into that role w/o a single complaint and has emerged as a key component of our trench warriors on both sides of the ball.”

Congratulations to Jason Chamblee, no. 51, for being named this week’s TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week!


Lumpkin County Indians defeated by longtime rivals White County

Sports, Team FYN Sports

It was the fiftieth time the Lumpkin County Indians and the White County Warriors have met up on the gridiron. In what has developed over time as a big rivalry game for the two schools, the Warriors jumped ahead with an early lead and ultimately won 49-6.

The Indians were the first to receive, and a fumble on second down turned possession over to the Warriors on the Indians 41 yard line. In a matter of three plays the Warriors had carried for a first down and a touchdown to take an early lead 7-0.

The Indians offense couldn’t get anything past the Warriors defense during their next possession and were forced to punt. The Warriors took over at their 44 yard line, and a combination of passing and rushing game scored the Warriors their second touchdown of the night. The Warriors led 14-0 with plenty of playing time still in the first quarter.

Lumpkin County again struggled to move the ball past the Warriors defense. With no gain of yardage the Indians were again forced to punt from their 18 yard line. White County took over and carried in for another touchdown to extend their lead 21-0.

Quarterback Tucker Kirk completed several passes for gain of yardage during the game. He also filled in as the punter for the Indians.

The Indians took over at their 20 yard line, and this time were able to gain some yardage with a completed pass from quarterback Tucker Kirk to Roy Bennett. Kirk carried for a gain of 5 yards on second down, followed by a carry by Drew Allison for the Indians first down. Kirk threw a pass to Allison for another first down, and BoJack Dowdy carried the ball for a gain of one yard. Unfortunately the Indians couldn’t make it any further into Warrior territory, and punted on fourth down from the Warriors 49 yard line.

The Warriors ended the first quarter on a high note- a huge 45 yard pass from quarterback J.Ben Haynes. The Warriors would ultimately score again on that drive and put another seven points on the board for a 28-0 lead.

Lumpkin County took over on their 35 yard line and drove for a few yards before being forced to punt again on fourth down. The Indians defense came to life to force the Warriors back for a loss of 5 yards to prevent another touchdown, and the Warriors kicked a field goal for a 31-0 lead.

Although neither team put anymore points on the board before halftime, Lumpkin County had several highlights for their offense. A big pass from Kirk to Aaron Hopkins resulted in a gain of 16 yards and a first down during the Indians next possession, and just before halftime Dowdy carried for a gain of 19 yards.

Coming out of halftime the Warriors scored again for their fifth touchdown of the night and a lead of 38-0. Lumpkin County took over at their 23 yard line, but a snap that was recovered in the endzone resulted in a safety. The Warriors were stopped in by the Indians in four plays, and Lumpkin County took over at their 35 yard line.

Although the Indians couldn’t get much movement in their next possession, a fumble by the Warriors during their next possession was recovered by Bennett. Unfortunately for the Indians, the Warriors regained possession after a snap was over the head of Kirk.

The Indians defense again fought to push back the Warriors offense from another touchdown. A great play by the Indians Jason Chamblee helped prevent the Warriors from scoring from their position at the two yard line. The Warriors went for a field goal on fourth down, and got it to make the score 43-0.

The Indians Drew Allison carried multiple times for gain of yardage.

The Indians first and only touchdown of the night came during their next possession. Kirk found Brian Cunane along the sideline for an incredible pass and gain of 12 yards. After Allison carried for a gain of four yards, Kirk completed a 16 yard pass to Cunane for the Indians touchdown. The score was still 43-6, but the Indians had a reason to celebrate as the third quarter came to a close.

The Warriors scored their final touchdown of the night during their next possession, but the extra point attempt was blocked by the Indians J.T. Thomas. The Warriors led 49-6 early in the fourth quarter, and neither team scored the remainder of the game.

The Indians are 0-2 on the season, but with plenty of football left to play. They will travel to Jackson County to take on the Black Panthers next Friday night. The Warriors are 1-0 as this game was their season opener. They will travel to face Habersham Central next Friday.



TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week- Aaron Hopkins #85

Sports, Team FYN Sports

Team FYN Sports is excited to announce the first Player of the Week for the Lumpkin County Indians- tight end/defensive end Aaron Hopkins! Hopkins is an exceptional athlete who stood out on the field Friday night in the Lumpkin season opener against East Jackson.

Hopkins sacked the East Jackson quarterback twice during their first possession for a total loss of 19 yards. This loss of yardage forced East Jackson to punt on fourth down. After one of Hopkins’s teammates blocked the punt, Hopkins recovered the ball in the endzone for Lumpkin County’s first touchdown of the night. Hopkins also made several other great tackles throughout the game to help push the Eagles back.

Hopkins is an example of an athlete who is passionate about his sport. Over the summer he attended multiple football camps at colleges across the country including University of Pennsylvania, Yale and Harvard. As a senior also focused on graduation, he has received five scholarship offers. He is a scholar athlete with a GPA of 3.9. Congratulations to Aaron for being selected as the first Team FYN Sports Player of the Week for the Lumpkin County Indians!



Lumpkin County Indians football defeats Towns County in scrimmage 41-7

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The Lumpkin County Indians football team may not have played a perfect game on Friday night, but they still defeated Towns County 41-7 in their scrimmage at home.

Lumpkin started off strong when they recovered a Towns County fumble to take over on their 32 yard line. With great field position it didn’t take long for Lumpkin County to get in the end zone. Unfortunately a touchdown by Lumpkin County’s Drew Allison was overturned after a penalty call on Lumpkin, and a field goal attempt was no good.

During their next possession Lumpkin County’s BoJack Dowdy carried for a first down, and a 22 yard pass from quarterback Tucker Kirk to Trey Wilkes gained the Indians their first touchdown of the night. Shortly after Allison carried the ball another 22 yards for Lumpkin and drove in their second touchdown of the night.

Towns County fumbled again on their 25 yard line, setting Lumpkin County up for yet another touchdown. Roy Bennett rushed for twenty yards and gained Lumpkin a first down. Another completed pass from Kirk to Brian Cunane landed the Indians their third touchdown and a lead of 21-0.

Brian Cunane catches a pass from Tucker Kirk for a Lumpkin Indians touchdown!

The Lumpkin Indians scored their fourth touchdown of the night after Bennett carried 44 yards to gain the Indians a big first down. On the next play, Tanner Barber ran the ball in from the one yard line for Lumpkin County’s fourth touchdown of the night.

Towns County managed to get a first down during their next possession, but were pushed back by the Lumpkin County defense and an off-side penalty. Lumpkin County finished up the half with a big gain of twenty yards and another touchdown- this time from a two yard carry from Dowdy.

Coming out of the half, Lumpkin County was unable to get anything in the end zone during their first possession. Towns County scored their first and only touchdown of the night after a 23 yard pass from Kyle Oakes to Garrett Oakes.

Lumpkin County had a short celebration after an interception in the third quarter. Unfortunately a fumble gave possession right back to Towns County, which then gained two more first downs before fumbling again on their own 48 yard line.

Towns County lined up for a play on Friday night.

Freshman Caden Gibson carried the ball twenty yards during Lumpkin’s next possession for their last touchdown of the night. Lumpkin kept Towns pushed back during their last possession of the night, and when buzzer sounded Lumpkin finished the game ahead 41-7.

The Lumpkin County Indians will take on East Jackson at home next week. Watch the post-game interview with head coach Caleb Sorrells below!


Lumpkin football opens season, passing game at Meet the Indians event

Lumpkin County High School, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Lumpkin Indians football is officially underway for the 2019 season- and so is the beginning of a new style of offense for the team.

Under the direction of new head football coach Caleb Sorrells, the Indians are upping their passing game. Fans got a glimpse of what this new offense will look like at the annual Meet the Indians event Friday night.

The event started with an introduction to the 2019 Indians team, immediately followed by the Purple and Gold scrimmage game. The game was divided into the normal four quarters, but with a shortened time of ten minutes per quarter.

Starting quarterback Tucker Kirk threw a total of seven completions over the course of the game- a testament to the Indians rechanneled offense. Backup quarterback Roy Bennett also threw a total of four out of five attempts. The Indians offense also scored a total of two touchdowns, both in the first quarter.

A pass thrown by quarterback Tucker Kirk in the Lumpkin County Purple and Gold game on Friday.

Coach Caleb Sorrells said of the passing game, “We threw the ball well. It’s a building process and so we’re still pretty simple, and we’ll just get good at what we can do and then begin to build once we master the basics.”

The Meet the Indians event also featured an introduction to the seniors on the Lumpkin Indians cheer squad in between the first and second quarters. The Lumpkin County Band of Gold performed a shortened version of their halftime show, and the Dahlonega Nugget Challenge saw three of the local newspaper’s reporters take on three Indians in a pass, punt and kick competition.

“The kids were excited, it was a good atmosphere [and] a lot of people came out,” said Coach Sorrells. “It’ll be good to go back and really evaluate where we are moving into our scrimmage week.”

The Indians will face Towns County in their scrimmage next Friday. Watch the full post-game interview with Coach Sorrells by using the link below!

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